Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Origin Story Master Post

  1. Episode 1: First Steps
  2. Episode 2: You Can Do This
  3. Episode 3: Hero of... Mulch?
  4. Episode 4: TAKEN
  5. Episode 5: Meet Lindsay
  6. Episode 6: Side Quests
  7. Episode 7: Self-Defeating Duffy
  8. Episode 8: Getting Serious Now
  9. Episode 9: Real Life Minigames!
  10. Episode 10: Crossover Couple
  11. Episode 11: Sick and Tired

Origin Story is a project where I'm taking John Duffy, a man with no background in fitness and who is horribly out of shape, and doing what is necessary to turn him into the hero his family, and the world, needs him to be.

What If Pilaf Got His Wish? | Whatever

Our new "What If" series, entitled "Whatever."  Check it out and let's hear what you have to say about it. If this does well, we'll expand the story into the rest of the series!

We have moved!!

Real Anime Training has a new home!  Blogger has been awesome to us, but it's time to move to a set-up that can do all the things we wan...