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"Roshi's Training" Workout

This should be fun! Just don't die.

(Note: Do NOT attempt the next level without first completing the previous level in its entirety three times. If you fail on a set, continue your workout, but do not count the workout as going towards the three needed successes.)
Front Carry w/50 lbs 5x25 yards
Sledgehammer Swings- 25 each side
Wheelbarrow Push w/100 lbs 5x25 yards
Overhead Carry w/50 lbs 5x25 yards
Farmer’s Walk 50 lbs/hand 5x25 yards
Sprints 2x50 yards
Swim 1/4 Mile

Front Carry w/100 lbs 5x25 yards
Sledgehammer Swings- 50 each side
Wheelbarrow Push w/200 lbs 5x25 yards
Overhead Carry w/100 lbs 5x25 yards
Farmer’s Walk 100 lbs/hand 5x25 yards
Sprints 4x50 yards Swim 1/4 Mile

Front Carry w/150 lbs 5x50 yards
Sledgehammer Swings- 100 each side
Wheelbarrow Push w/250 lbs 5x50 yards
Overhead Carry w/100 lbs 5x50 yards
Farmer’s Walk 100 lbs/hand 5x50 yards
Sprints 6x50 yards Swim 1/4 Mile

Front Carry w/200 lbs 5x50 yards


I am currently attempting to work on both the Grappler Baki Training Manual and some workout plans based on it and the Dragonball series. These workouts will be specific to characters or sagas, and will, in general, have some sort of theme attached to them. I'll try to get one up as soon as possible. I hope they will help in organizing your training.

Grappler Baki- Part I


Grappler Baki is quite possibly the most brutal martial arts anime ever and that is awesome. The story follows Hanma Baki, son of Hanma Yujiro (the Most Powerful Creature in the World), as he quests to become even more powerful than his father. Along the way, he encounters some of the most skilled martial arts practitioners this world has to offer and pushes himself to every extreme imaginable to become stronger. There is a treasure trove of training ideas within Grappler Baki and a vast measure of combat arts to analyze. So, let’s begin.


The first few moments of the Grappler Baki anime feature 100 thugs waiting for someone to show up so they can kick the crap out of him. (Seems a little unfair, no?) A few minutes later, they get their wish.

“I Only See Four”

Baki wastes no time in dispatching as many thugs as he can. He doesn’t worry about beating one guy into a pulp (although the first guy he gets to is prett…

Ok, so I'm a slacker.

Yeah, I know I haven't been posting. I'm a slacker. I wasn't sure if anyone was actually reading, so I wasn't really all that jazzed about putting the time in with school and training and home life to actually make workouts and things. However, now that I see that at least one person has an interest in the blog, I'll be happy to be regular with it again. Heck, I'll even start back with that person's request: Grappler Baki.

Here's what I'm planning:
1. Workouts based on several of the main characters training (or implied training).
2. An analysis of the styles and techniques presented in Grappler Baki and their real-world applications.

Let's see how often we can get something up here, shall we?