Monday, May 31, 2010

UFC 114 Play-by-Play

Hey, guys! Here's the breakdown of UFC 114. SPOILER ALERT for those of you who still want to watch the event. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!

UFC 114 Results & Live Play-by-Play

Sunday, May 30, 2010

UFC 114- Thoughts

Hey, guys! Not sure if you caught the UFC last night with Rampage and Rashad Evans, but you missed out if you didn't. All in all, I was very pleased with the event. The majority of the fights were fast-paced and there were several shocking moments to boot. I'm not going to spoil anything for anybody in this post, but this event shows us two things that are very important.
  1. Training is important. This is a given, I know, but some people misunderstand what I'm saying. I'm not just talking about being able to squat 600lbs or doing 500 push-ups or running for extended periods of time, but the effective use of your training tools. Anyone who watched Spike's short series following around Jackson and Evans obviously saw the training the two went through. Evans, for instance, did a massive amount of speed work and that is grossly evident in the fight. Basically, what I'd like anyone to come away with from this fight is that the way and what you train determines the results of your training come fight day. That seems evident, but some people don't get it. Doing bag work for 3 hours will not build the same kind of fighter that works on individual attributes to complement the whole of his training. If you want to punch hard or move fast or jump high, you have to do special training for that thing.
  2. Anyone can beat anyone given the right conditions. Sometimes people just get lucky or an opponent gets sloppy or overconfident and a single punch can turn the entire fight around. Fighting is a game not to be taken lightly, for the outcome can be determined at any moment by either warrior. If you watched the event, you know what I'm talking about.

If you guys did not check out UFC 114, I'll post a link to a hit-by-hit breakdown of the fights, so you this post can mean a little more for you. In any case, I had fun watching, so check it out if you get the chance. Until next time, good luck and train hard.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Master Wong- Free Online Wing Chun Instruction

Hey, guys. Got another video for you today. This time, the video is from Master Wong's channel on YouTube.

Now, I'm not going to lie. I don't know any Wing Chun, nor do I pretend to know any. However, I've seen a few of this guy's videos and I'm very impressed. I'm not just impressed with the way he moves and his attitude, but also with the fact that he offers entire training courses on YouTube for free... which lines up nicely with my view of information on the internet. In any case, check this guy out and see if you can get anything from him. Until next time, good luck and train hard!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

2nd Amateur Fight, February 2009

This is my second fight. I decided to fight left-handed... just for the heck of it. It was a little rougher than I anticipated, but I managed to pull it off well-enough. Anyway, you get to see a little brawling, so I hope you enjoy. Until next time, good luck and train hard!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Favorite Workout So Far??

Alright, guys? I wanna know what your favorite Real Anime Training workout is so far and why. Post your answers in the comments and sign in to your Blogger account so I know who's talking.

Also, if you don't have a Blogger account, sign up! It's easy and free. After that, you can click the Follow button on the right side of the blog. :D

Anyway-- favorite workout. And... GO!

My First Fight- January 2009

Here's my first fight. It's a little short, but I hope you enjoy. I'm not sure why I haven't posted this before. I'll be posting more videos in the next few days-- a few of my fights and some training/martial arts videos that I like.

Until then, good luck and train hard!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Turtle Hermit's Training (Roshi on Steroids)

I know that the Roshi's Training workout isn't exactly what Goku and Krillin do in the manga or anime, so I decided to release another version. This version is more true to the story and MUCH MUCH harder. I figured if this is too difficult, it can always be scaled back or you can just do the old one. Also, this workout is kind of time consuming, because it sort of assumes that training is your full-time job. In any case, let's just get right into it, and you can leave any questions in the comments section.

The Turtle Hermit's Training
Morning (Ideally, 4:30 in the morning-- LOL)

  1. Light Jog- 1/2 Mile
  2. Skipping- 1 and 1/2 Miles
  3. Zigzagging- 1 Mile
  4. Climbing Steps- 1,000 Steps
  5. Balance Walking- 100 Yards
  6. High Knee Walking- 1/2 Mile
  7. Sprint- ALL OUT!!
  8. Tilling By Hand- 1 Hour
  9. Eat, Rest, Study*

  1. Front Carry w/50-100 lbs-- 5 x 50 yards
  2. Sledgehammer Swings-- 200 Each Side
  3. Wheelbarrow Push w/100-250 lbs-- 5 x 100 yards
  4. Overhead Carry w/50-100lbs-- 5 x 100 yards
  5. Farmer's Walk w/50-150lbs per hand-- 5 x 50 yards
  6. Swim 1 Mile
  7. 5 Minute Dodging Practice
  • 2-7 for the morning training are meant to be completed while holding 45lbs of weight (ideally very compact) in front of you to simulate delivering milk. However, it is best if you do not start with this, but instead do the training without any weight. Eventually, when you feel as though the training is getting easier, add some weight to it. However, I imagine there are those who will go ahead and use the weight anyway... so, to those people I say, "Be very careful and pace yourself." Enough said.
  • 1-5 for the afternoon training can be substituted for 4 hours of manual labor with no power tools. Carpentry, masonry, general construction, cutting trees, chopping wood, or anything that is going to be hard labor for the length of time. 
  • If you do not know how to skip, it would be best if you looked up a video of how to do it properly.
  • For the zigzagging, the width of your zigzag will be about 25-30 feet. You can do so at about a 45 degree angle along your course, although you can do a more obtuse angle, perhaps around 75 degrees, if you want to make it harder.
  • I realize it is extremely difficult to find a staircase with 1,000 steps, so if you have a stair climber of any sort, it would be extremely useful. If not, you'll have to find the largest set of stairs you can and work your way up and down. I'm not so evil as to say you can't count the steps down, though. Alternatively, you could count your steps up a very steep hill or on a high grade on a treadmill.
  • For balance walking, you can walk atop a curb, or anything that is about the width of your foot, or if you can find a fallen tree, you can walk it back and forth until you reach the distance listed.
  • High knee walking means you are lifting your knees high every time you step, like you are trying to walk through deep mud.
  • When you sprint, try to put everything you have left into it.
  • Tilling by hand seems extremely difficult; however, if you start off in a softer ground and work your way to a harder ground, you'll find it much easier on yourself. You could also make a trench in sand or gravel for a change-up in training. The main idea, though, is to be able to make a trench on solid dirt ground.
  • Eat well, take a 30 minute to 1 hour rest (you should probably nap) and study something. It doesn't have to be math or science. What you study could be fighting or fitness, or using your Nintendo DS to play BrainAge. Just something to get your brain moving like your body was.
  • The afternoon workout is essentially the previous Roshi's Training.
  • For dodging practice, it is best to have a partner throw tennis balls at you.
  • I forgot to add this previously, but if you ever feel like you are getting used to this training, wear a 40lb weighted vest or backpack for everything but the swim. If that gets easy, up it to 80lbs. Obviously, I would recommend doing like 5lb increments, but the two massive jumps were what Master Roshi did to Krillin and Goku. 
  • Updated the program to be a little more like the show. 
That's all for today guys. I hope you enjoy the suped-up Roshi's Training. Have fun with it, good luck, and train hard!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Edit to Orochi Doppo's Training

I've made several edits to Orochi Doppo's training, upon finding some additional Mas Oyama training notes. Check it out. :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Grappler Baki Workout- Orochi Doppo's Training

This workout is for the God of Karate, Orochi Doppo and is patterned after the real-life Karate Master, Masutatsu Oyama. Doppo killed a tiger bare-handed; Oyama killed a lot of bulls bare-handed. Oyama was the founder of Kyoukushinkai Karate (Shinshinkai in Baki) and was one of the great fighters of his era. This workout is based on some of his actual training. I'm not certain you'll be killing any tigers or bulls, but this will definitely make you tougher.
  1. Jump Rope- 10 Minutes
  2. 300 Knuckle Push-ups
  3. 100 Decline Push-ups OR Bodywt Bench 500 Reps
  4. 100 Dips
  5. Jump Rope- 10 Minutes
  6. 200 Sit-ups
  7. Side Hops Over 2 Cement Blocks- 5 x 2 Minute Rounds
  8. 25 Freehand Handstand Push-ups
  9. Front/Back Hops Over 2 Cement Blocks- 5 x 2 Minute Rounds
  10. "Stone Lifting"- 3 x 2 Minute Rounds
  11. Box Jumps- 5 x 2 Minute Rounds
  12. Hand Walking- 100 Yards Total
  13. 100 Squats w/200 lbs
  14. Run 2.5 Miles
  15. 200 Straight Punches to Striking Post (Total)
  16. 200 Shuto Strikes to Striking Post (Total)
  17. 200 Rear Front Kicks to Striking Post (Total)
  18. 200 Side Kicks to Striking Post (Total)
  19. 200 Round Kicks to Striking Post (Total)
  20. Additional Karate Practice- 1 Hour
  21. "X" x 3 Minute Rounds Karate Sparring
  • This is a "Day Workout," so you can break up the workout however you like along the course of a day. All reps do not have to be without stopping, so if it says "300 Push-ups" you can break it up however you like and do them over the course of the day. 
  • As always, never attempt to do more than you can. Scale the workout back to fit your needs or only do part of it if you can't do the whole thing.
  • Push hard in jumping rope.
  • The "Stone Lifting" is quite literally lifting stones. If you can find a big rock that you can actually lift, pick it up off the the ground and set it back down as many times as you can in the time limit. If you do not have a stone, a sandbag can be supplemented. A stone is recommended, because they are generally more awkward to carry and will toughen up your hands and forearms. However, the benefit of the sandbag is that it is possible to lighten or increase the load.
  • For the side hops, lay the cement blocks on top of one another longways and, with your legs together, hop back and forth over the blocks. Do your best to jump back over the blocks as soon as your feet hit the ground.
  • Focus on trying to hold the handstand as long as you can freehand. After you feel confident enough in doing that, practice doing handstand push-ups freehand. Any you can't do freehand below the 25 prescribed, finish up against the wall.
  • The Front to Back hops are a lot more difficult than the side to side, so please be careful and have a mat behind you if possible.
  • Do the Knuckle Push-ups on the index and middle finger knuckles. You can do them in sets, but the eventual goal is to do them straight through.
  • For the Box Jumps, find a box/step/wall to which you can jump up. Make your jumps quick and try to push yourself in height.
  • Your handwalking goal is to go 100 yards non-stop, but if you can't, just break it up however you need to in order to get to 100 yards.
  • You can squat with a barbell or a weighted vest for your squats, but make sure you are going full depth (top of your thighs parallel to ground). Start with 100 lbs and work your way to 100 reps. It is not necessary to force the 100 reps if you can't even do 5 without stopping. You can do them in 10 sets of 10, but your eventual goal is 100 straight reps. After that, you can add weight. Or, if you are stronger, you can start with 200 lbs.
  • Really push yourself on your 2 mile run.
  • If you do not have a striking post for your punches, shuto, and kicks, you can use a smooth telephone pole, a smooth tree, or something along those lines. If you like, you may wrap the pole or tree or whatever in rope to soften it. You can also just use a heavy bag if you don't want to hit something that hard. Please work into this or you will hurt yourself. Gradually increase your strength over weeks of training and if you feel like your hands or feet are starting to really hurt, but you are only at 20, 40, or 50 reps-- STOP! You don't want to injure yourself.
  • By "X" x 3 minute rounds, I mean that you may do as many 3 minute rounds of Karate Sparring as you like. Karate Sparring uses no gloves or headgear, however there are no hands strikes to the face, no open-hand strikes, and no elbows. You can, however, kick to the head. Please be careful.
  • If you are just starting, it's alright to cut the reps or weight or whatever by 1/2 or 1/4 or whatever. The workout as listed is pretty much the top level.
  • You can do 300 Knuckle Push-ups, 100 Dips, and 100 Decline Push-ups altogether OR you can do 500 reps of Bodyweight Bench Press. Whatever you choose, I wouldn't do the same thing every time you do this workout.
  • Additional Karate practice can be kata, kihon (basic techniques), kumite (sparring of any kind), or body conditioning.
  • Also, these exercises do not have to be done in order.
That's all for today. As always, good luck and train hard.

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