Thursday, February 26, 2015

Coby and Helmeppo's Determined Training

After being taken to the Marine HQ with Vice Admiral Garp, Coby and Helmeppo are shocked with the hard labor they are being put through, but are determined to become stronger to accomplish their goals. Remarkably, Helmeppo is the first one to step out and say that he will become stronger by training his body. Coby follows shortly after, with much enthusiasm. The two boys decide to push themselves with fierce determination to become much stronger than they are right now.

They don't really know what they are doing or how to go about becoming stronger, but they do what they know and they keep on pushing forward with their willpower. This workout is based on the exercises we see them doing during this time, but before they begin training with Garp.

Look at those muscles! Wait... those are knots and bruises.

Coby and Helmeppo's Determined Training

1. Manual Labor- 2 to 8 hours (Choose any)
  • Sweeping
  • Mopping
  • Pulling Weeds
  • Raking Leaves
  • Moving/Carrying Furniture
  • Taking Out Trash
  • Painting with Brushes and Rollers
  • Any work requiring use of hammer, sledgehammer, pick-ax, shovel, post-hole digger, ax, hatchet, hoe, wrenches of various sizes, or picking up heavy things.

2. Exercises
  1. Run 1 Mile
  2. 50 Sit-ups or 10 Hanging Sit-ups
AMRAP in 30 Minutes 

3. Combat Training
  1. Sword Practice- 100 Overhead Strikes (50 Moving Forward, 50 Moving Backward)
  2. Hand-to-Hand-  5 Minutes Light Sparring or Heavy Bag Hitting

  1. The positive to manual labor is that you have a variety of movement patterns to work through and will also let you build some real-world strength. Alternatively, you can pick easier labor for recovery time.
  2. If your abs start cramping, stretch them out and try to rest before continuing. If you need to stop, please do so.  
  3. In your sparring, please keep it light and use gear if you can. 

That's all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Recovery Workouts Master Post

Pure Recovery Workouts
  1. Starting the Journey
  2. Ippo's Recovery Time
  3. Luffy, the Rubber Man
  4. The Real Anime Training Warm-up
  5. The Real Anime Training Stretching Routine

GPP/Cross Training/Recovery Workouts- These are workouts you want to do when you are looking to do something completely different than what you normally do, but still remain active. While these may not necessarily be easy, they will allow you do spare your body from your normal activity, so that it may recover from overuse in certain movement patterns.
  1. Eyeshield 21- Play the Game Workout
  2. Bowling King- Play the Game Workout
  3. Crossover- Play the Game Workout
  4. Prince of Tennis- Play the Game Workout

Workouts will be added here as I make them/get time to post them. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Marine Headquarters' Marine Training (One Piece)

The Marine's in one piece are often cannon-fodder or guys that Oda throws out there just to get smashed, but a lot of these guys are in really good shape and, some of them, like the guys in CP9, are straight-out monsters. (Don't get too excited, the CP9 are the subject of another post.) The training is the type you'd expect from military sailors, but it is by no means easy. Coby and Helmeppo are absolutely taken aback with the level of training they see the Marines undergoing at the Naval HQ. So much so that Helmeppo even contemplates running away. These workouts are based on the training that we see the Marine's doing during this scene.

Manly men of the sea.

Naval Headquarters' Marine Training

Workout A

Jog for 10 Minutes, then
  1. 10 Push-ups
  2. 10 Crunches
  3. 10 Diamond Push-ups
  4. 10 Reverse Crunches
  5. 10 Wide Push-ups
  6. 10 Bicycle Crunches
  7. 10 Close Push-ups
  8. 10 Lying Heel Touches
  9. 10 Divebomber Push-ups
  10. 10 Oblique Crunches (each side)
--5 to 10 Rounds

Workout B
  1. Run 2 Miles
  2. 50 Pull-ups
  3. 50 Swimmers
  4. 50 Flutterkicks
  5. 50 Push-ups
  6. 50 Squats
  7. 50 Lunges (each side)
  8. Run 2 Miles
--For Time

Workout C
  1. Swim 50 Meters
  2. 10 Pull-ups
  3. 10 Burpees
--AMRAP in 20 Minutes

Workout D
  1. 2,000 Push-ups (in as few sets as possible)
  2. 100 Round Trips on a 50ft Rope Bridge
  3. Run 10 Miles 
  4. If you complete the 10 miles in over an hour, run 5 more miles. 
  5. Sword or Hand-to-Hand Combat Practice- Until Failure

  1. For reverse crunches, you'll pull your bent legs up toward your torso. Your shoulders will be on the ground.
  2. Close push-ups are push-ups completed with your elbows tight in at your side. 
  3. For lying heel touches, you will lay flat on your back with your hands down at your side, flat on the ground. You will put your feet flat and pull them in toward your butt and then raise your shoulders slightly off the ground into a crunch position. You will stay in this position for the duration of the exercise. Bend side-to-side at the waist, your hands staying on the ground. Touch your heel on one side and then the other to complete one rep. 
  4. For oblique crunches, you will lie on your side with your heels pulled up toward your but and your shoulders slightly turned, so that your chest is facing toward the ceiling. Perform crunches in this position. Switch sides when you get to 10.
  5. Swimmers are performed by laying on your stomach with your hands straight out in front of you. You will then flutter your legs and arms in an alternating fashion. Once on each side is one rep. 
  6. The last workout is crazy hard. If you have to build up to it or just stop in the middle of it, that's perfectly fine. 
  7. If you don't have a rope bridge (which I imagine you may not), you can use a long length of parallel bar instead. Just make sure you travel 5000 feet total. 
  8. A good way to experience this workout (if you lack the rope) would be to do the 2,000 push-ups in the morning, then schedule yourself for a 10-15 mile obstacle course, then practice sword fighting in the evening. That's about the level of difficulty for this workout. I would only do this workout or this alternative every now and again. Depending on your level of fitness and your goals, I'd say as little as once a year to as frequent as once a month. It's a serious endurance workout.
That's all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Endurance Workouts Master Post

Movement-based Endurance 

Real-Life Power Levels

In my years surfing the web for random Dragon Ball Z information, I've seen a more than a few websites attempting to calculate power levels for people. Heck, I even tried to use similar methodologies when I was in middle school. Unfortunately, I (like all the people I saw online) lacked the necessary knowledge about human performance to effectively create a Power Level Calculation.

As a grown man, being involved in fitness for 15 years or so, I now possess the knowledge necessary to create such a calculation.

Now you may ask yourself, "Stephen, is it really necessary to create a calculation to determine someone's power level? I mean isn't that a little nerdy?"

The answer to both of those questions is "Abso-friggin-lutely!"

"What does the scouter say about your power level?"

Most of the calculations of power level I've seen deal with height, weight, and age as the primary factors of the calculation, with Bench Press 1RM or speed of running 1 mile as a secondary factor. That is just far too few inputs and the inclusion of height, weight, and age really do nothing to determine what someone's level of strength or endurance is-- we need their feats of strength and endurance in order to create such a calculation. Height, weight, and age may affect any one of these feats, so they do play a part, but are not necessary in the calculation. Therefore, this calculation will not concern itself with height, weight, or age.

Also, this Power Level Calculation is not one's ability to fight. Fighting skill would be measured be something altogether, like ranks or, preferably, a fight record. This is really a representation, as a whole, of someone's overall physical performance. Now, someone with a higher power level may have more of an advantage in a fight, but there are certainly times when physically more impressive opponents are taken down by more skilled fighters.

Power Level YouTube Video!

First, let's start with your performance stats. 
  1. Bench Press Max (in pounds)
  2. Back Squat Max (in pounds)
  3. Deadlift Max (in pounds)
  4. Overhead Press Max (in pounds)
  5. Weighted Pull-up Max (in pounds)
  6. Max Reps Push-ups (2 min, rest in plank)
  7. Max Reps Sit-ups (2 min)
  8. Max Reps Squats (2 min)
  9. Max Reps Pull-ups/Chin-ups x 3= Pull-up Score (2 min, no drop)
  10. Vertical Leap (in inches) x 3= Vertical Leap Score
  11. (15 seconds minus 100 Meter Time in Seconds) x 100= Sprint Score (Sub 25m Swim w/ 18 seconds as time)
  12. 600 seconds minus 1 Mile Time in Seconds= Run Score (Sub 400m Swim w/ 720 seconds)
  13. (6000 seconds minus 10 Mile Time in Seconds)/10 = Distance Score (Sub 4000m Swim w/ 7200 seconds)
  14. (80 seconds minus 300 Yard Shuttle Run Time in Seconds) x 10 = Anaerobic Endurance Score
  15. (10 seconds minus 10 Meter Agility Shuttle in Seconds) x 10= Agility Score
  16. Long Distance Score= +10 points for every mile you can run beyond 10 miles- example: 26 mile run completed would be +160 points (+10 points for every 500m swam beyond 4000m)


  • Add all of this information together. If you do not have this information or cannot perform the movements, make sure to put a 0 into the calculation. When you have your total, divide that number by 100 to get your final score.
  • Bench Weight+Squat Weight+Deadlift Weight+OHP Weight+Weighted Pull-up Weight+Reps Push-ups+Reps Sit-ups+Reps Squats+(Reps Pull-ups x 3)+Vertical Leap Score+Sprint Score+Run Score+Distance Score+Anaerobic Endurance Score+Agility Score+Long Distance Score= TOTAL POINTS/100= Power Level 
  • Edit from the rules of the calisthenics. Instead of being 120 reps on the push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, it has been lowered to 100 before you begin adding weight to the movement. At 100 reps, where 1/4 of your bodyweight on each of the movements and each rep counts as 2 points. At 100 with the 1/4 bodyweight, make it 1/2 and each rep counts as 3 points. At 100 with 1/2 bodyweight, make it 3/4 bodyweight and each rep is worth 4 points. At 100 with 3/4 bodyweight, increase the weight to 100% of your bodyweight and each rep will be worth 5 points
  • Warm-up properly before testing any of these exercises. For weight lifting, do some light cardio for 5 or so minutes, then do a few light reps of the exercise to get used to the movement, and finally progress with a moderate set of 5, a slightly higher set of 3, then progressives sets of one until you find your max. 
  • Your bench press should touch your chest at the bottom and lock out at the top. 
  • Your squat should end with at least the tops of your thighs parallel with the ground. 
  • Your deadlift should start from the ground, bar at mid-shin and end in a lockout position at the top, hips fully extended and your back straight. 
  • Overhead press should begin with the bar touching your chest and end with the bar locked out overhead, with your head in the middle of your arms. . 
  • The pull-up must start from a fully hanging position and end with at least your chin going over the bar. 
  • The weighted pull-up score is your total weight, meaning your bodyweight plus whatever weight you have added, in pounds.
  • You may rest in the top of the push-up position, but you may not break posture with hips up or down.
  • For the sit-ups, your hands must be crossed on your chest or touching your ears and you must raise your torso until your body in perpendicular with the floor. 
  • You may not kip or swing on your pull-ups to help you complete the repetitions. 
  • You may need a partner to clock you on the sprint and shuttle runs. 
  • Vertical Leap
  • 300 Yard Shuttle Run
  • 10 Meter Agility Shuttle
  • The long-distance run must be non-stop to count. If you have to stop to walk, it does not count. If you have to refuel during the run, that's fine, just make sure you don't stop. 
  • You do not have to test all of these in one go. You can just keep a rolling count of all your PRs and update your Power Level accordingly. 
  • The division by 100 is to give you a sense of what your power level would be in the world of Dragon Ball. However, either number still represents the same thing. 

Calculate your power levels and share with your friends! So... what is your power level?

Monday, February 16, 2015

Stephen Makes Stuff Up #4: "Another Round of Squats"

Got another workout for you guys! Thought I'd go ahead and throw this up here while I'm working on some other things for you.  Enjoy!

Another Round of Squats

10 Reps each exercise. As many reps as possible in 20 minutes. If you reach the bottom, start over from the top.

  1. 65# Back Squat
  2. 65# Front Squat
  3. 65# Zercher Squat
  4. 65# Overhead Squat
  5. 95# Back Squat
  6. 95# Front Squat
  7. 95# Zercher Squat
  8. 95# Overhead Squat
  9. 135# Back Squat
  10. 135# Front Squat
  11. 135# Zercher Squat
  12. 135# Overhead Squat
  13. 185# Back Squat
  14. 185# Front Squat
  15. 185# Zercher Squat
  16. 185# Overhead Squat
  17. 225# Back Squat
  18. 225# Front Squat
  19. 225# Zercher Squat
  20. 225# Overhead Squat


  • Back Squat
  • Front Squat
  • Zercher Squat
  • Overhead Squat
  • Keep the clock running as you change your weights. 
  • I recommend using a Squat Rack to help you during this workout.
  • Keep your core tight during all of these lifts, try to get the crease of your hips below your knees. Really observe all of those videos if you need to learn form. Let me know if you have any further questions.
That's all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Post delays!

Sorry about the delays in posts. I've actually written several posts, but they aren't finished because we're moving and I can't do everything I'd like to do to them from my tablet or my work computer. I'll have a whole bunch of stuff served up for you guys over the next couple of weeks!!

I'm really excited about a few of them, actually.

We have moved!!

Real Anime Training has a new home!  Blogger has been awesome to us, but it's time to move to a set-up that can do all the things we wan...