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Kenichi- Goodbye

Love sharing AMVs with you guys!

Hokuto Shinken's Handstand and Finger Training

The first real training scene we see for Kenshiro has him balancing upside down on just two finger of one hand. While that is not a lot of training for us to look at, just the process of getting to that level of skill and strength is far more training than many people will ever do in their entire lives. The progression is pain-staking and it is uncertain whether or not the average person can ever attain such a feat or if it is merely relegated to the realm of monsters like Kenshiro, Shaolin Monks, or Vass- The Super Saiyan. In any case, if you put the work in, you'll definitely get stronger. How much so is between you and your genetics. Don't worry, if you fail, I don't think you'll explode.

Hokuto Shinken's Handstand and Finger Training 


GOAL: Continuous handstand for 1 MinutePractice Handstands for 15 Minutes or until you complete the goal. Every time you fall, do as many fingertip push-ups as you can. Try to keep working the entire 15 minutes.  LEVEL T…

Fist of the North Star- The Sergeant's Training

Fist of the North Star is over the top, gory, and freaking awesome. It's "Mad Max" meets kung fu movie and it generally throws realism right out the window. However, that's not gonna stop us from pulling training methods out of it, now is it!? (The answer is no.)

Kenshiro, the main character, encounters a Sergeant, who leads a kill-or-be-killed military regiment from the world before the apocalypse. His soldiers are no match for the main character's Hokuto Shinken, but we still get to see some useful training. This workout is based on the small amount of training that we do see.

Fist of the North Star- The Sergeant's Training

20 Push-ups w/135# (vest, backpack, weight plates)Climb 20ft of RopeDumbbell Thrusters- 10 x 40# --5 Rounds, then rest 10 minutes 20 Minutes Martial Arts Practice20 Minutes Sparring


Obviously, if you need to scale this workout back by doing less weight or fewer rounds, please do so. Doing 20 push-ups with 135lbs on your back during a …

Samurai Champloo- Mugen Trains for Shoryu

Samurai Champloo has some really awesome fight scenes in it, but I was turned on to this particular training sequence by one of our readers. Mugen, one of the main characters, runs into a man named Shoryu, who has blended his Japanese sword style with Chinese Kung Fu to a startling effect. He is able to kill without causing external injury and his sword skills cause damage even though they don't hit. 
Mugen, met with the challenge of such a powerful opponent, trains for a month to meet the man in single combat. This workout is based on that training. 
Mugen Trains for Shoryu
LEVEL ONE Splitting Wood w/Hatchet- 10 Minutes (see notes)Handstand Practice- 5 MinutesWalk Up Stairs Two at a Time- 1,000 Steps (2,000 Total Stairs)Walk Down Stairs One at a Time- 2,000 StairsPractice Kicking Off Walls/Trees- 10 MinutesPractice Standing on One Foot- 10 MinutesShuto (Knife-hand Strike) on Sandbag- 5 Minutes each side LEVEL TWO Splitting Wood w/Hatchet- 15 MinutesHandstand Push-up Practice- 10 Mi…

Can You (At Least) Save Your Own Life?-- Part II

In the first part of this series I laid out some of the dangers you may pose to yourself, such as risky behaviors or obesity. This next part, however, will take a step out from ourselves and look at the world around us. The world that we live in can be a dangerous place and, while some things like natural disasters are not so commonplace, there are some everyday dangers such as slipping and falling, drowning, fires, and various on-the-job accidents that all require some level of fitness in order to escape. This level of fitness is the topic of this second part. It's You vs. The Natural World... and it's got a hell of size advantage.

So, what is the level of fitness necessary to save your own life in a dangerous situation? What skills are necessary?

Earle Liederman, in a 1926 book called Endurance, mapped out five basic skills necessary for someone to save his or her own life.
Swim at least half a mileSprint for 200 MetersHurdle an object at waist heightComplete at least 15-20 …

Can You (At Least) Save Your Own Life?-- Part I

Life can be dangerous. Little, seemingly harmless everyday things and situations can, with great speed and ease, be transformed into something life-threatening. The ability to save your own life is enormously important. Once you're dead, everything is done. You don't get any re-dos.

Unfortunately, the average man or woman does not possess the necessary tools to save his or her own life. In fact, some people are doing the opposite on a daily basis. The following are some things that you should know about saving your own life.

Part I: Save Yourself From Yourself

Before you can save your own life from accidents, random acts of violence, or natural disasters, it's best to look a little closer to home and see what things you might be doing to harm yourself. Things like smoking or drug use or excessive consumption of alcohol are some pretty common things we humans do to hurt ourselves; however, there is a rising issue in the United States and the world as a whole. Obesity in the …

Anime Fights AMV - Swords, Spears and Skillfulness - 5. Marz

We got a request for some weapons training, so use this to tide yourselves over while I do some research!

Kai Greene: A Day in the Life of a Bodybuilder (playlist)

Really great inspirational documentary. It's about bodybuilding, but it speaks to some universal truths concerning any dreams that you may have, especially in your training.

The Prodigal Son; Training sequence

I love old kung fu training sequences.