Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Goku Training Program Master Post

  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Phase 1: Goku's Early Training
  3. Phase 2: Roshi's Training

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Goku's Training Program- Introduction and Overview

About a year ago, we released Goku's Training Program in PDF or Google Docs version. Many people have emailed to receive this program and we've gotten a great response from it in general. Now, however, it has dawned on me (duh) to just post the program in pieces to the blog so that you can just read it here!

Goku trained his ass off to get here.
So will you.

But there's something else!! I'm going to start posting it with greater detail than the original program possessed, so that those following it will have greater understanding of the programming. Below is an overview of the general programming. It's going to be similar to the One-Punch Man Training Program, but without the need for weekly updates.  The program is very, very long, but we will be breaking it down into sections for you to use as needed. At the beginning, it will follow relatively close to the Dragon Ball timeline, but will diverge later on for the sake of not doing the same thing for years on end. Also, addition of weighted clothing will be addressed in the program proper and not in the introduction.

You should be using the Real Anime Training Warm-up and Stretching Routine for all of this program. There's nothing wrong with running through the Stretching Routine a couple of time a day, either.

Rest weeks should be filled with walking, stretching, and doing activities that you enjoy, like hiking or playing a game of basketball or something along those lines. It won't be as difficult as your normal training, but it keeps you active and won't have you killing the same movements all the time. If a day has an "OR" in between two workouts, it means that one week you will do the first listed workout and the next week you will do the next listed workout.

Phase 1: Goku’s Early Training (2 Months)
  • Do this workout 4 times a week .
  • On your off days, go for a walk and stretch. (All non-training days for the rest of the program)

Phase 2: Roshi’s Training (2 Months)

Transition: Rest One Week

Phase 3: The Turtle Hermit’s Training (4 Months)

Transition: Rest One Week

Phase 4: The Turtle Hermit’s Training, Revisited (4 Months)

Transition (a): Rest One Week
Transition (b): “Korin’s Training” every day for a week.

Phase 5: Travel the World with Goku (5 Months)

Transition: Rest One Week

Phase 6: Travel the World with Goku, Remix (6 Months)

Transition: Rest One Week

Phase 7: Repeat "Travel the World with Goku, Remix" (including Transition) 4 times. (2 Years Total)

Transition: Rest One Additional Week

Phase 8: Kami’s Training (6 Months)

Transition: Rest Two Weeks

Phase 9: Goku's Peace Time Training ( 6 Months)

Transition: Rest One Week

(Note: We will be skipping the running on Snake Way for the sake of the program.)

Phase 10: King Kai’s Training (3 Months)

Transition (a): Rest One Week
Transition (b): Goku’s Gravity Room Workout MWF and 100Gs Add-on Tues, Thurs, and Sat

Phase 11: Goku Trains in Space (3 Months)

Transition: Rest One Week

Phase 12: Training for the Androids (6 Months)

Transition: Rest Two Weeks

Phase 13: Repeat Training for the Androids and above Transition period 4 more times. (2 Years)

Transition: Rest Two Weeks

Phase 14: Room of Spirit and Time (6 Months)

Transition: Rest Two Weeks

Phase 15: Goku's Training in Other World (6 Months)

Transition: Rest Two Weeks

Phase 16: Goku's Godly Training (6 Month)

For training beyond this, you have two options: begin to use the Gravity Room Method (read the WHOLE POST) utilizing the following format, which is slightly different from the normal programming or use the Gravity Room Method 2.0. Do not use the 10-Minute MetCon List, because you'll already be doing your MetCons with the previous workouts.

Gravity Room Method Version

Week 1

Week 2

Gravity Room Method 2.0 Version

Week 1

Week 2

This is a long and tough program, but if you take your time and follow the entire thing, you'll get through it safely and with insane fitness. REMEMBER, this is just the overview and not the program proper, so please don't just start it without looking at the actual programming and definitely DO NOT just start in the middle, because you absolutely will injure yourself.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Boxing Workout Master Post

Hajime no Ippo
  1. Master Post for the Hajime no Ippo Training Program
  2. Fishing Boat Makunouchi Workout
  3. Ippo's Basic Training
  4. Ippo Prepares for Miyata
  5. Ippo's First Three Fights
  6. Ippo on the Beach
  7. The East Rookie Champ Workout
  8. The All-Japan Rookie Champ Workout
  9. Class A Tournament- First Round Workout
  10. Class A Tournament- The Finals
  11. Facing the Champ Workout
  12. Ippo's Recovery Time
  13. Ippo's Comeback Workout
  14. Ippo's Mountain Training Camp
  15. Ippo vs. Sendou (Redux)
  16. Ippo's First Two Title Defenses
  17. Building Up the Dempsey Roll
  18. Evolving the Dempsey Roll
  19. Back to Basics
  20. Tenacity for Ten Rounds
  21. Takamura's Beginning Boxing Routine
  22. Takamura's Pre-Fight Blitz
  23. Sendou's Basic Training
  24. Date Eiji's Training
  25. Miyata's Basic Training
  26. Itagaki's Training
  27. Itagaki's KBG Training
  28. Itagaki's "Go-Go Mode" Workout
  29. Aokimura's Basic Training

  1. Kamishiro Yuu's Basic Training

Ashita no Joe

  1. Joe's Basic Training
  2. Joe's Prison Workout
  3. Joe's Prison Yard Training
  4. The Juvenile Prisoner's Boxing Routine
  5. Nishi's Weight Loss Workout

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

  1. Good Luck, Takeda
  2. Random Training with James Shiba #1: Calisthenics and Skill Work
  3. Random Training with James Shiba #2: Circuits and Intervals
  4. Random Training with James Shiba #3: Old School Conditioning
  5. Random Training with James Shiba #4: Weights and Plyometrics
  6. Random Training with James Shiba #5: Extreme Practical Boxing

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