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I've been ridiculously busy recently, so that's why I haven't been posting, but I'll try to do better in the next couple of weeks. Until then- later!

Mud Run's done and I've got a camera!

So, I did the USMC Ultimate Mud Run Challenge yesterday... and it was one of the coolest things I've ever done! But, really, that's just in passing, because I've got awesome news: I have a video camera, so the video versions of Real Anime Training are on the way! I'll try to get them done quickly... although I'm fighting off a bug right now. In any case, the fun is about to begin!


Upcoming Events

On September 22nd, I'm competing in a Mud Run. It's a 4.2 mile course, littered with obstacles. That should definitely be an experience. On October 13th, I'm planning on competing at a Grappling Tournament. I don't know how well I will do considering I'm not the best grappler in the world, but we'll see how it goes. I'd like to find something to compete in during November and December as well, preferably combat related and, please, nothing point-sparring related... I'll stay on the lookout for more grappling venues or some kind of amateur kickboxing or MMA event that won't require me to drop $400 on a plane ticket. On the other hand... sponsors?

Dragonball Training Manual- Part IX


We’re coming down to the wire here; the series is almost done, and we’re a little short on training methods. The majority of the series from here on in is nothing but an all out brawl, but before it gets too crazy, here’s a little help from the World’s Greatest Hero, Mr. Satan. Well, not so much him as it is his daughter, Videl, but we wouldn’t have her if not for him. Then, we’ll pick it back up with Gohan and Goten.


-Hitting the Heavy Bag- Pick a technique and work it all around the bag. Roundhouse kick, side kick, jab-cross combo-- just pick one and practice. The heavy bag will pack a lot more power into your shots. For a cardio-strong workout, “fight” the bag for a few 2-3 minute rounds with about 30 seconds of rest in between.

Gohan and Goten

-Dodging, Part II- To get ready for the World Martial Arts Tournament, Gohan and his little brother trained their reflexes by having Goten throw a series of small rocks at Gohan, whose back was against a stone…

Commentary on Being a Martial Artist

I've been training in the martial arts since I was a little kid. When I say that, an image of a whiny little fat kid (those were the days) in a karate gi may pop out at you, but that's just not me. When I say I've been training in the martial arts since I was a kid, I more likely mean, "I got into a lot of fights." (And that is most assuredly what I mean.) Sure, my Dad taught me some basic skills that he had learned from Tae Kwon Do and Judo, but really, my style consisted of me going berserk. I'm not one of those "tough talkers" who say, "I black out when I fight and when I come to, everybody's hurt." (I really can't stand those guys.) I just plain out went nuts, throwing wild punches and kicks at anyone I thought had wronged me. I didn't always win. I won a lot, but I didn't always win. Little kids aren't always prepared for one of their classmates needing psychological help, so it gave me the element of surp…

Dragonball Training Manual- Part VIII

So, we're not really going to be introducing any new exercises today, (well, not exactly) but what we are about to look at is very important, regardless of what you train for. This brings us to the point of finally asking the big question: Why the heck am I doing all this stuff anyway?!

As always: Enjoy!


So, the Androids appear, there’s a bunch of fighting and (surprise, surprise) an even more powerful threat appears to challenge our heroes. Cell, a super-powered amalgamation of a good deal of the heroes and villains in the Dragonball universe, bursts onto the scene and it’ll take more than a Super Saiyan to stop him. Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Future Trunks all enter the Room of Spirit and Time to train, where a single day on the outside is an entire year on the inside. The conditions are harsh: ten times gravity, constantly fluctuating temperature and atmosphere, and enough white space to drive anyone mad. For the most part, the training wi…

Dragonball Training Manual- Part VII

Here's a good chunk of info for you guys since my internet has been down for about five weeks. Hopefully, we'll be pretty regular from now on.


After Freiza’s demise at the hands of Future Trunks, we find ourselves in the midst of a three year training extravaganza! Here we get to see lot of training from Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta (especially), and everybody else (here and there). However, most of Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo’s training is stuff we’ve already seen. So, we’ll move on to the things we haven’t, starting with:


Vegeta launches himself into a crazy training spree, putting himself through levels of gravity from 150 times to 450 times Earth’s normal gravity. But, that’s not all! He also introduces us to some interesting training!

Bodyweight Exercises

Yep, we’re back to that. Vegeta jumps on the bandwagon and does some stuff Goku does, but pushes some of it a little farther.

One armed knuckle push-ups- Vegeta uses just two lower…

I hate my ISP.

My internet has been down for almost two weeks! I'm freaking out. I'm making this post from my mother's house, just to let you guys know I'm not dead. Rest assured, I'll make up for the fact that I haven't been online with a nice big post. I'm also designing training programs to put up on the site for you guys. Believe me, I'm working on it!

Dragonball Training Manual- Part VI

I've been working some more on the website and it's a little more frustrating than I anticipated. I'll make sure that it gets done in a timely manner. Here's some more training for you guys.


After beating Nappa and Vegeta, Goku and the gang decided to head off to Namek to search for some more dragonballs in order to restore Piccolo’s and most of the guys-we-didn’t-learn-anything-new-from’s lives. Unfortunately, very little training went on for most of the people on the way to Namek. Mainly, Goku’s the only one who trained, but we do get to see some stuff from Piccolo and the rest of the dead guys on Kaio-sama’s planet. Everybody else just fought a lot. So, I guess we’ll just stick with what’s been good so far:


Here, we really get to see some of the coolest training sequences yet in DBZ. Goku does an incredible amount of training in six days and makes himself completely awesome… but he also had a gravity machine and a bag…

The Immediate Future

In the upcoming weeks, the Dragonball training will be coming, as will the Shura no Toki (Chiense's kind of busy ATM, but he should have it up soon), but what I'm most excited about is the posting of the "before" and "after" pictures of the first stages of the Dragonball training. Aside from that, I'm also excited about all the videos and podcasts on the way. I'm currently working on our website and will try to have it up and running as soon as possible. In the beginning, we will have our blog posts on it, any completed training manuals, and weekly updates of videos. But, believe me, there is so much more on the way.

Thanks for reading, guys.

No Time!

Sorry guys, it's taking a little bit longer than I thought to get the second part of the "Shura no Toki" training manual done. I should have it up at the soonest tomorrow and the latest by the 5th.

Dragonball Training Manual- Part V

Yet more training tips from the DB universe-

Piccolo and Gohan

I lumped these two together since they spent most of their time training together. Gohan’s early training very much simulates Goku’s training while looking for the dragonballs: a lot of running, swimming, and climbing. Since, we’ve covered that once, we’ll let it go this time.

Sparring For the Win!

This is pretty much all these two did, which is why it’s covered here, instead of earlier. There was sparring previously, but not to this extent. Piccolo beat the living hell out of Gohan during the time they trained together and Gohan tried to reciprocate. Thus, let’s discuss sparring.
First, I recommend you get some sparring gear. That means, at the very least, some gloves and a mouthpiece. Otherwise, you won’t be very pretty for very long and you might get seriously hurt while training, which is never good. You can get foot gear, shin guards, head gear, and body gear if you like, but it is not necessary.
When you’re r…

My training so far

I've been working on some basic fighting techniques, while trying to improve my cardio with running, swimming, and circuit training. I've also been working outside for 8 hours a day framing a house. So, like our Dragonball friends Goku and Krillin I've been working on a construction site. The hot sun beating down on you all day as you bend down, lift, push, hammer, reach and saw really makes a difference. I'm slowly increasing my training workload and also adding more and more anime training to my regimen, so I can show you guys the results of the training. I took a before picture a few weeks ago and will post those along with update pictures in a few weeks and every few weeks after that.

There's more awesome anime training tips on the way, guys, so be sure to check in often!

Mutsu Enmei-ryu Training- Part 1 (Shura no Toki)

Hey guys, sorry this is taking so long. But due to the internet connection at my current location I am unable to accurately review the anime "Shura no Toki." I have watched this anime from beginning to end twice already but I wanted to through it and analyze and create the training from fight to fight since there is no true training in this anime only kick ass martial arts. But I have come up with a basic sense of what one must do to get their body in shape to master the "Mutsu Enmei-ryu." Or at least imitate the hell out of it enough to be plausible for real life. There are three basics to the martial art used by the three main characters of "Shura no Toki." They are;
1. Strength
2. Speed/precision
3. Crazy ass agility/flexibility

To achieve each of these I created an easy self-paced training regimen.
To gain Strength:
1. Push-ups (as many as you can both first thing in the morning and in the evening) Every so often add up to this.
2. Sit-ups…

Dragonball Training Manual- Part IV

Hurrah! It's time for more training tips from the Dragonball Universe.


The first instances of training we see in Dragonball Z occur after Raditz has been dispatched, Goku killed, and Piccolo takes a position as Gohan’s babysitter. I do not recommend killing yourself to go train with Kaio-sama (King Kai), so let’s just move on to what everyone was doing in this time. We’ll break this down by character.


When Goku is killed in the fight with Raditz, he travels to Kaio-sama’s planet at the end of Snake Way in order to receive special training. When he arrives, he finds himself on a tiny little rock in the middle of nowhere in a level of gravity ten times what he’s used to. However, since we don’t have access to multi-G training conditions, we’ll just have to look at how he trained while he was there.

Monkey-Chasing With Kaio-Sama

We’re not going for ultra-authenticity here, so please don’t break into any zoos to get a monkey. Goku’s first task (after making …

Things to come

More training manuals and videos for exercises and techniques for anime such as:
Grappler BakiNarutoShura no TokiHistory's Strongest Disciple: KenichiRurouni Kenshinand more!I hope you guys are as excited as I am!

Dragonball Training Manual- Part III

Training is going a little worse than I expected it. It's so weird how much you lose when you take a few months off. Never again, though! From this point on, my entire life will be dedicated to training and the martial arts. And, here's some more for you guys.


Some of Goku’s most important training went on with Kami on the Lookout. Here, Goku learned about sensing energy and increased his already incredible power to new heights. The training methods on the Lookout centered a good deal around speed and reaction time. To build these things, work on some things called “plyometrics”. Do push-ups with a jump, put some SPRING in your step when you walk, and just generally find ways to bounce around to build the explosive power and speed that Goku acquired while training with Kami. You could also use wearable weights, but I recommend starting off with the smallest increments you can find and slowly, I repeat, s-l-o-w-l-y work your way up to wearing ten or …

Need... camera...

As soon as I get enough money saved up, I'll be buying a new video camera so we can start posting all the exercises and stuff on the web. Don't worry, it won't just be me on the camera, I'll be bringing in friends, enthusiasts, and experts to help along the way. A friend is currently working on another training manual for you guys, so don't get too bored with the Dragonball one. Lots of stuff coming on the blog and even more when we get our website up and running later on.

Thanks for reading, guys.

Dragonball Training Manual- Part II

I'm picking my training up back to where it used to be. I had to take some time off because of work and school, but now I'm gonna kick it into high gear. I did horribly on my first real training day... but, if you started off awesome, what kind of montage would that make? Here's some more training tips for all the otaku out there.


After this training (with Roshi), Goku was able to thoroughly trounce the majority of his opponents at the World Martial Arts Tournament. This wasn’t the end of his training, though. He wandered the world in search of the dragonballs and, in doing so, trained in even more interesting ways. Climbing trees and mountains, swimming across lakes and oceans, and running across long distances.
Thus, the three exercises here are running, climbing, and swimming.


Running is essential for building lung power, although you don’t want to start running for miles and miles and miles day in and day out, becau…

Dragonball Training Manual, Part I

Hope you enjoy this! I wrote this quite a while ago and decided to put up the meat of the manual. It's the first "Anime Training" thing that I wrote and I've come quite a ways since then.

 Please note, this is not the entirety of the manual and for space sake, some details have been withheld.

Dragonball Training Manual, Part 1-

Training with Roshi:

Let’s start from the beginning of his formal training with Master Roshi. Although old, Roshi was no slouch. He was one of the toughest fighters in the world during his day. His philosophy was to make your body like iron, so that your enemy could not defeat you. To do this, Roshi implemented some very important concepts into his training plan for Goku and Krillin. If you remember, the boys had to deliver milk, work on a construction site, and plow fields as part of their training. Roshi also had the boys wear weights on their backs in the form of turtle shells… I doubt you’ll find any turtle shells to wear (poor, poor…

Call to arms!

This is to all the anime and manga fans out there, particular the shounen anime/manga fans. I know you like to see all your favorite characters go through hard training and fight difficult opponents. I'm sure you've even watched an episode and said to yourself, "Hey, I'd like to try something like that." Only... you may have had no idea what you were doing. Well, the point of this blog is to help you understand the hows and whys behind the physical and mental training involved in many of the anime and manga which you guys love. Not just the training, though. We're going to delve into combat as well. It's coming soon. Enjoy!