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Daily Training- 4/30/12

3 mile recovery run5 Minutes Mitt Work

Daily Training-4/29/2012

-3 x 10 Reps  125/175/215 #
-2 Reps, 20 sec rest x 5 rounds w/245#
Ball Squats
-3 x 10 reps  60#
2 Sets of 100 yard hill sprints
Super set:
-Alternating Biceps Curls- 10 Reps 30#/hand
-Nosebreaker Push-ups- 10 Reps
-15 second punch sprint
Super set:
-Reverse curls- 10 Reps 50#
-Push-ups- 10 Reps (4-0-2 tempo)
20 seconds punching with 3# weights
10 seconds rest
Training with Dad was fun.

Miyata's Basic Training

Before Miyata was the God of Lightning, he was the resident genius of counter-punching at Kamogawa Gym. Trained by his father from a young age in the art of technical boxing, Miyata is the ideological opposite to Makunouchi Ippo's hardcore in-fighting style. This workout is based on the beginning levels of Miyata's training. It's super technical and focuses on the basics of boxing. 
Miyata's Basic Training
Run 3 Miles

Afternoon 10 Minutes Speed Bag30 Push-ups30 Sit-ups3 Minutes Rest10 Minutes Double-End Bag30 Push-ups 30 Sit-ups3 Minutes Rest10 Minutes Heavy Bag30 Push-ups30 Sit-ups3 Minutes Rest10 Minutes Footwork Practice3 x 3 Minutes Jump Rope3 x 3 Minutes Shadowboxing3 x 3 Minutes Mitt Work
Notes: As you'll see, the main focus here is basic fitness combined with a great deal of skill work. This training is supposed to be Miyata's training up until he leaves Kamogawa Gym. The speed bag work builds timing and hand-eye coordination, which is useful for the …

Daily Training- 4/24/2012

MMA Conditioning Class at Blackforce MMA

5 Minutes Jump Rope
Circuit Training:

1st Circuit- 10 x 1 Minute Rounds, 30 Sec Rest3 Minutes Rest2nd Circuit- 6 x 2 Minute Rounds, 30 Sec Rest (I assumed it would be 10 rounds again, so I didn't count, so I'm not sure how many it actually was)3 Minutes Rest3rd Circuit- 5 x 3 Minute Rounds, 30 Sec RestCool Down Jog/Lateral Movement/Backpedaling- 3 Minutes Kind of an open circuit including conditioning ropes, sit-ups w/medicine ball throw, push-up plank walk, sledgehammer work, weighted lunges, squats on unstable surface, pull-ups, dips, bodyweight rows, squat stance with plate front lateral raises, plyometric push-ups on a medicine ball, walk outs/push-ups/crunches on BOSU ball, and some ab work. I pretty much did everything at least once in the course of the workout. The last three minute round was squat jumps, which sucked after all the rest of that stuff and my roadwork and sprints from yesterday. 
I took some pictures of the place an…

Daily Training 4/23/2012

Ippo Prepares for Miyata
During the jump rope rest periods, held a plank for 45 seconds. During the shadowboxing rest periods, did ten sprawls.

My body tried to play a trick on me today. I have just gotten over being mildly sick and before my run, I felt very weak in the legs and like my chest was tight. About half way through the run, the weak legs disappeared and right before hill sprints, my lungs felt better. The human body is weird sometimes.

Safe Sparring: Todai Shunyuan (My Problem with Freddiie's Modern Kung Fu)

This is Freddie.

He teaches martial arts, among other things. He's in good shape and he seems like a very nice (his oversimplification and tearing down of MMA and MMAists notwithstanding) and intelligent man. He appears to have a love for the technical side of martial arts and likes to incorporate fitness and doing things like bag work. He even says that you shouldn't compete in things like MMA, because of the attitude involved and I can understand a non-competitive mindset as far as trying to teach not fighting within a set of rules. I love that he teaches his students how to be fit and even teaches about nutrition!

However, I have a problem with Freddie.

He only teaches safe sparring to his students. If he teaches anything else, I haven't seen it in the great long while I've been subscribed to him on YouTube. There's nothing inherently wrong with this style of training, just like shadowboxing or forms, perhaps, but if it's the only way that you train to fight…

Piguaquan [劈挂拳]

For those of you who want more information about Hermit's style, this style is where you see a lot of his attacks coming from.

Daily Training 4/18-19/12

On both days, Push-ups, Sit-ups, Squats, and Neck Work from Ippo Prepares for Miyata.


The people in my house are sick... so, now I'm sick. I feel like I'll come out of it pretty quick, so hopefully I can squeeze in the running and rounds from these workouts in the next couple of days. If not, c'est la vie. I'll just try to recover as best I can, in the worst-case scenario.

Minoru's Okinawan Training Camp

This workout is actually a series of workouts for the three week training camp that the Kaburagi-ryu guys went through getting ready for the National Tournament. The training is not explicitly show for the entirety of the camp, but they talk about it a lot and we get to see a little, so some of this is extrapolated from the things the characters talked about. 

Minoru's Okinawan Training Camp 
Morning 50 Knuckle Push-upsKihon Practice- Pick Three Basic Techniques (e.g.- Straight Punch, Front Kick, High Block, etc) for 50 Reps Each SideCombination Practice- Pick Two Combinations (e.g.- Jab-Front Kick, Jab-Cross-Hook, etc) for 25 Reps Each Side Kata Practice or Heavy Bagwork- 15 Minutes (You can shadowbox if you don't know any kata)Kumite- 5 Sets of 3 x 2 Minute Rounds (In between sets, do 10 Knuckle Push-ups, 10 Sit-ups, and 10 Jump Squats, then rest 2 Minutes)
Evening Pick One: 3 x 100 Yard Shuttle Sprint OR 2 Mile Run Kata Practice or Heavy Bagwork- 15 MinutesPick One: 100 Yard Han…

Daily Training- 4/17/12

Sparring- 45 minutes-------------Good session. Tried out some kicks I don't normally throw. However, it was outside and I ended up tearing a blister open on a piece of ceramic that decided to magically appear in my yard. Yay...Hopefully it will heal fine for my roadwork and all my other stuff.

Daily Training- 4/16/12

Gangryong's Basic Training- Level 1 ----------------- Distance running... How I sometimes hate you...

Real Anime Training Inspiration Contest

Thanks so much for reading, everyone!

Daily Training 4/14/12

Ippo Prepares for Miyata------------------Totally forgot to post this yesterday.

Batman's Training Program- The Analysis and Phase One

One of the main things that's going to strike you when you look at Batman's training is that he never seems to stop. He's running, swimming, climbing, lifting, practicing-- go, go, GO!!!  In order to even consider tackling the Batman's training menu, the first (and continuing) thing you're going to be building is "Work Capacity," which is essentially just your ability to "do work." It's the culmination of all of your physical ability.

Work Capacity is how much you can do, how long you can go, and how quickly you can do each individual task. It's the real-world application of your fitness. It's something that is built over time and, often, needs to be thought of in terms of being its own attribute, along with strength, speed, endurance, and the like.

Batman's training, then, will begin by laying the foundation all of his further training. It will build and grow and develop into the Hell that is his final training regimen. If you&#…

RedCloud - "When Kenpo Strikes"

Not sure why I love this so much. I really do have a soft spot for Kenpo, despite all of its rehearsed technique practice. My old instructor was kind of scary.

Daily Training 4/12/12

Ippo Prepares For Miyata


The push-ups, sit-ups, and bridging sucked today, because I'm still so sore from weightlifting. Also, I couldn't punch very well, so I ended up kicking and sprawling a lot during shadowboxing. (Yes, I know Ippo doesn't kick. :P)

The Anime Inspiration Contest

We now have over 150 "Likes" on Facebook and in thanks to you guys, we're going to have a contest!

The contest is going to ask two very simple questions, the first being: "What anime most inspires you to train?"
And the second: "What is your ultimate goal in getting fit?"

I'm going to post the official rules of the contest to YouTube in a few days (such as video length and deadlines), but the format of the contest is going to be very open. You can do a video essay, an inspirational montage, an AMV (Anime Music Video), or anything else you can think of that would answer both of the questions above.

The winner will receive the first ever Real Anime Training T-Shirt and have their winning video posted to the main blog. Really looking forward to see what you guys can do and if we continue to gain more readers, we'll have more contests with cooler prizes!

(I'll also be revealing details about the shirt as the contest goes along to get you guy…

Daily Training- 4/10/12

1. Incline Dumbbell Bench
-5 Sets of 10 w/ 55#, 60#, 65#, 70#, 75# (per hand, of course)
2. Dips
-5 Sets of 10
3. Flat Dumbbell Bench
-5 Sets of 10 w/50#, 55#, 60#, 65#, 70#
4. Pull-ups
-10, 10, 7
5. Heavy Pull-downs
-10, 10, 3 (to make up for the 7 on pull-ups) w/200#
6. Seated Cable Rows
-5 Sets of 10 w/150#, 150#, 170#, 210#, 150#
7. Ab Wheels (from knees)- 26 Reps Straight
8. Cable Crunches
-20 w/70#
-10 w/70#

Sorry for the delay on this one. Got to work out with my Dad yesterday and I haven't lifted weights in a while, so that was interesting.

Daily Training- 4/9/12

Ippo Prepares for Miyata


In Greenville, so it was a little more hilly than Charleston, which was a good change of pace. However, I forgot my jump rope, so I just had to jump in place... -_-.

Mike Tyson' s Defense

For those of you who didn't know. Ippo's style is very very similar to Tyson's. Take a look and see if you can pick out the similarities!

Hajime no Ippo Training Program (Part 5)

Continued from Part 4. Remember to read the notes in each section.

Phase 19: Evolving the Dempsey Roll (Three Months)
-This workout is three times a week.
-On two of your off days, run 3 miles at a light pace and choose 1 exercise: 1 set of MAX Push-ups, 1 set of MAX Sit-ups, 1 set of MAX squats, or 10 x 3 minutes shadowboxing. The reason I'm not putting a rep count on the exercises is because I if you're tired and you can only do 20 squats or 30 sit-ups or something, that's all I want you to do. Your off days are recovery days. The shadowboxing is at whatever pace your body can handle with the level of training you're currently doing. Listen to your body. If you've come this far in your training, I'm certain you know what "too much" feels like. There's another longer rest period here, because Ippo  sustained a fair amount of damage in the Sawamura fight due to overuse of the Evolved Dempsey Roll. I'm shortening it, though, because it's not…

Daily Training- 4/6/12

Ippo Prepares for Miyata


Feeling some fatigue building up, so I'm glad I've got two off days coming up. (Well, as close to off days as I get.)  I'm excited to see how this workout is going to go with a couple of rest days. Even though the muscle fatigue is there, the cardiovascular improvements are quite apparent, so I'm looking forward to see if I can't stomp this workout's ass on Monday.

Still got several more months of this, so maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. :P

Batman's Training- A Snapshot

At the request of a reader, I'm going to be posting some of Batman's training. The training schedule below is a week's worth of Batman's workouts. It contains a general outline of the exercises completed by Bruce Wayne and doesn't necessarily mean that this is all that he does. I'll do my best to start from the basics and build up to the level presented in this schedule, which is at a level that (in my opinion) absolutely above world class. Batman pushes all aspects of fitness to their absolute maximum. His strength, speed, balance, flexibility, accuracy, power, endurance, and skills have been honed through hours of constant, deliberate training and a defined goal of having a body capable of defending the streets of Gotham. 
Here's the snapshot. Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting the stages leading up to this starting from a base level of fitness and athleticism. You've heard of going from "fat to fit," now see how you go from "…

[AMV] Training of Brave Nakama

Think about where you can be in two years.

Get out and train!

Daily Training- 3/4/2012

Ippo Prepares for Miyata


Definitely feeling some fatigue building from days of training, so I'm going to take tomorrow mostly off so I can recover. Also, I'm currently working on a training program for Batman (not anime, but it was a request) and I'm having a lot of fun with it. I'm going to try to post the first part of it in the next few days!

Daily Training- 4/3/2012

Ran around with Isaiah at the park for a little while. Around 5pm, a guy I met yesterday came over and we got to spar, which was a lot of fun!

Stand-up Sparring- Approx 45 Minutes

Hopefully, I'll get to spar with him a lot more, because he's got a bit of an unconventional style and he's got at least 30lbs on me (but he's still pretty fast). We didn't really do rounds or anything. The sparring was mostly light to medium, but had it's harder moments. I'm really looking forward to seeing if we can get a few more people together to spar on a regular basis. I'll spar with anyone! :D

Caught an elbow to the foot, so I've got some swelling there (it's not too bad) and I had a little bit of bloody nose at the end. It was good to hit and get hit again. I've had a general lack of sparring partners due to my work schedule, because I have been unable to get to an MMA gym or a dojo on a regular basis. However, that will hopefully be changing soon.

Daily Training 4/2/12


Ippo Prepares for Miyata


Starting the Journey- Level 2

Did the walk barefoot on concrete. Feet a little after all the stuff today.


Sorry for the delay. I didn't get a chance to post this one for you last night.

Hajime no Ippo Training Program (Part 4)

Continuing from Part 3. Remember to read the notes from each section.

Phase 16: Ippo's First Two Title Defenses (Three Months)
-This workout is 3 times a week.
-On two of your off days, run 3 miles at an easy pace and shadowbox 10 x 3 minute rounds.

Transition: Rest 1 Week

Phase 17: Ippo's First Two Title Defenses (Four Months)
-This workout is 3 times a week.
-On two of your off days, run 3 miles at an easy pace and shadowbox 10 x 3 minute rounds.

Transition(a): Rest Two Weeks
Transition(b): 3 Mile Run, 5 x 3 Minute Rounds Shadowboxing, 3 Sets of MAX Push-ups and Sit-ups MWF (One Week)

Phase 18: Building Up the Dempsey Roll (Four Months)
-This workout is 3 times a week.
-On two of your off days, run 3 miles at an easy pace and either shadowbox 10 x 3 minute rounds or do 3 Sets of MAX of Push-ups and Sit-ups and practice hitting a tire with a sledgehammer for 3 x 3 minute rounds.
-There is no transition period here, because Ippo sustained no damage in his third title fight.