Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Minoru's Okinawan Training Camp

This workout is actually a series of workouts for the three week training camp that the Kaburagi-ryu guys went through getting ready for the National Tournament. The training is not explicitly show for the entirety of the camp, but they talk about it a lot and we get to see a little, so some of this is extrapolated from the things the characters talked about. 

Minoru's Okinawan Training Camp 

  1. 50 Knuckle Push-ups
  2. Kihon Practice- Pick Three Basic Techniques (e.g.- Straight Punch, Front Kick, High Block, etc) for 50 Reps Each Side
  3. Combination Practice- Pick Two Combinations (e.g.- Jab-Front Kick, Jab-Cross-Hook, etc) for 25 Reps Each Side 
  4. Kata Practice or Heavy Bagwork- 15 Minutes (You can shadowbox if you don't know any kata)
  5. Kumite- 5 Sets of 3 x 2 Minute Rounds (In between sets, do 10 Knuckle Push-ups, 10 Sit-ups, and 10 Jump Squats, then rest 2 Minutes)

  1. Pick One: 3 x 100 Yard Shuttle Sprint OR 2 Mile Run 
  2. Kata Practice or Heavy Bagwork- 15 Minutes
  3. Pick One: 100 Yard Handwalk Practice OR 100 Sit-ups OR 100 Jump Squats)
  4. Kumite- 5 Sets of 3 x 2 Minute Rounds (In between sets, do 10 Knuckle Push-ups, 10 Sit-ups, and 10 Jump Squats, then rest 2 Minutes)

  • This is not for someone just starting out. This is a difficult training menu and is meant to be done every now and again as a shock to yourself. If you'll remember, the schedule was followed for no more than 20 days. 
  • "Kihon" is just "Basic" practice. You can do the techniques in the air, on a heavy bag, with focus mitts or with any other striking practice tool. Same thing for the combination practice. 
  • If you are practicing Kata, really think about the applications of the moves that you are doing and not only the flow of the Kata. It is not a dance. It's like choreographed shadowboxing, but the point of it is to see yourself executing the techniques efficiently and effectively against the imaginary opponent and feeling the intensity of each attack. Feel it in every part of your body and let it touch your eyes and your breathing. There has to be emotional content (as Bruce Lee put it). 
  • Your Kumite is going to be Full Contact Karate Rules, so no striking to the face, unless you have headgear and at least MMA gloves. 
  • For the Shuttle Sprints, you'll place two cones 50 yards apart. You'll sprint down to the cone 50 yards away and then immediately sprint back. You'll rest 20-30 seconds in between sets of sprints. 
  • On the handwalk, you need to travel the whole 100 yards, even if you have to stop for a bit and continue and do the distance in sets. 
  • When you're doing the jump squats, make sure that you squat down to at least your hamstrings being parallel to the ground. 
  • You need to warm up before and cool down and stretch after each session. 

Hope you guys enjoy this one. There's not a lot of training scenes in the manga, but it's got some really nice fight scenes. In any case, until next time, good luck and train hard!
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