Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Real Anime Training Warm-up

If you guys are looking for a warm-up to do before your workouts, I've got a pretty good one for you. If you've already got one that you do, then use that one. (Video version: Part 1/Part2)

  1. 15 Jumping Jacks
  2. 15 Push-ups
  3. 15 Sit-ups
  4. 15 Squats
  5. High Knees- 15 Seconds
  6. Heels to Butt- 15 Seconds
  7. Jog- 15 Seconds
  8. Jog Backwards- 15 Seconds
  9. Side Stepping (both ways)- 15 Seconds Each Way (30 Seconds Total)
  10. Ankle Rotations- 10 Times, each way
  11. Hanging Leg Rotations- 10 Times, each way
  12. Knee Rotations- 10 Times, each way
  13. Hip Rotations- 10 Times, each way
  14. Waist Twisting- 10 Times, each way
  15. Shoulder Rotations- 10 Times, each way
  16. Small Arm Circles- 10 Times, each way
  17. Big Arm Circles- 10 Times, each way
  18. Elbow Circles- 10 Times, each way
  19. Wrist Rotations- 10 Times, each way
  20. Neck Circles- 10 Times, each way
  21. Shadowboxing- 1 Minute
  • There is no rest in between any of these exercises.
  • For Ankle Rotations, just stick your leg out and roll your ankle around in a circle.
  • For Hanging Leg Rotations, lift your leg in front of you at 90 degrees, allowing your lower leg to dangle. Lightly swing your lower leg in a circle.
  • For Knee Rotations, put your feet and knees together, put your hands on your knees and bend them slightly. Now, make small circles with your both your knees together.
  • For Hip Rotations, put your hands on your hips and, without your head moving, make large circles with your hips.
  • For Waist Twisting, stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder width, with your arms dangling. Now, turning your body, allow your arms to swing around you. It should feel like you are trying to fling them off.
  • Shoulder Rotations are just rolling your shoulders forward and backward.
  • For Small Arm Circles, hold your arms out at your side at shoulder height and make tiny circles.
  • Large Arm Circles are like a windmill with your arms.
  • For Elbow Circles, tuck your elbows at your sides and loosely circle your forearms in front of you.
  • For Wrist Rotations, hold your arms out in front of you and circle your wrists as far as they'll go.
  • For Neck Circles, make sure you don't circle your neck too quickly.
  • End with a nice light shadowbox.
That's all for today! Good luck and train hard!
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