Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Random Training with James Shiba: Workout #5

Random Training with James Shiba: Workout #5 (Extreme Practical Boxing)

  1. 5 Mile Run w/weighted vest, weighted backpack, or pulling a tire. (Weight for vest or backpack starts at 10# and increases as is comfortable in your sessions)
  2. 100 Jumping Hindu Squats (w/ vest if you can do the reps normally)
  3. 100 Yard Handwalk
3-4 Hours Later
  1. 10 Minutes Shadowboxing w/Punching Bands (Like the LifeLine USA Power Punch)
  2. 10 Minutes Heavy Bag w/Punching Bands 
  3. 10 Minutes Speed Bag w/Punching Bands 
  4. 10 Minutes Double-End Bag w/Punching Bands 
  5. 10 Minutes Mitt Work w/Punching Bands 
  6. 10 Minutes Jump Rope 
  7. 10 Minutes Footwork Practice
  8. 500 Non-stop Punches to Heavy Bag w/Punching Bands
  9. 10 Minutes Practical Boxing Sparring (vs. Other Styles and/or Multiple Opponents)
  10. 100 Push-ups
  11. 200 Sit-ups
  12. 200 Back Extensions


  • You may also wear a weighted vest for the shadowboxing, heavy bagwork, speed bag, double-end bag, mitt work, jump rope, footwork practice and exercises. Don't wear it for the sparring sessions. 
  • You can make the push-ups even harder by using something like the Power Push-up from LifeLine USA. 
  • Obviously, this is a lot to do, so feel free to do it without the punching bands to begin with and even to scale the workout back a little if you can't handle the volume. 
That's all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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