Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Goku Training Program- Phase 2

You should go back and check out the Introduction and Overview and Phase 1 for Goku's Training Program before continuing.

You'll need all your previous equipment from the last Phase, as well as

  1. 8-16# Sledgehammer
  2. Wheelbarrow, Sled, or Prowler
  3. Barbell or Heavy Logs 
  4. Weight Plates or Heavy Rocks 
  5. Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Empty Buckets, or Farmer's Carry Bars
  6. Pool or Lake
Phase 2 is two months long and will be a stepping stone to the next Phase.  You'll add a few extra days of training that will prepare you for the type of training you'll encounter in Phase 3. You'll still do Goku's Early Training, but it will only be twice a week.  

This is you. Get used to it.
You will do Roshi's Training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Goku's Early Training will be on Tuesday and Saturday and will progress through the variation of that workout in the same fashion as Phase 1. 

Monday: Roshi's Training + Walk 1 Hour and Stretch
Tuesday: Goku's Early Training
Wednesday: Roshi's Training + Walk 1 Hour and Stretch
Thursday: Walk 1 Hour and Stretch
Friday: Roshi's Training + Walk 1 Hour and Stretch
Saturday: Goku's Early Training
Sunday: Walk 1 Hour and Stretch

Progression of Roshi's Training
(Rest 30 Seconds Between Sets and 1 Minute Between Exercises)
  1. Front Carry w/50 lbs 5x25 yards (Bar, Weight Plates, Rock, or Filled Bucket)
  2. Sledgehammer Swings- 25 each side
  3. Wheelbarrow Push w/100 lbs 5x25 yards (Sub out Sled or Prowler)
  4. Overhead Carry w/50 lbs 5x25 yards (Bar, Rock, or Log)
  5. Farmer’s Walk 50 lbs/hand 5x25 yards (Bar, Dumbbells, Filled Buckets or KB)
  6. Sprints 2x50 yards
  7. Swim 1/4 Mile

Above is Level 1 of Roshi's Training.  To progress, every time you complete the workout (which will be three times a week), you will increase weights and/or distance on every exercise you complete without failure.  Follow the progression below.

  1. Add 5-10# to each "Carry" until you double the weight you are using
  2. Once you double the weight using the above increments, double your distances. (25 yards becomes 50 yards)
  3. Once you've doubled the weight and the initial distances, continue to add weight to each exercise in 5-10# increments until Phase 2 is complete. REMEMBER: Only add weight if you complete the movement without failing. If you drop the weight before the set is over, you do not go up on the next workout!!!!
  4. Add 10 Swings of the Sledgehammer per side each workout during this Phase.
  5. For the sets of Sprinting, add an additional set of 50 yards to progress, until you reach 8 sets.
  6. Keep the distance on the swim the same.

At the end of Phase 2 (Two Months), take a week off the above program for one week. Still walk 1 hour every day and stretch, but feel free to do leisure physical activity, like pick-up games of sports or hiking.

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