Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Anime Inspiration Contest

We now have over 150 "Likes" on Facebook and in thanks to you guys, we're going to have a contest!

The contest is going to ask two very simple questions, the first being: "What anime most inspires you to train?"
And the second: "What is your ultimate goal in getting fit?"

I'm going to post the official rules of the contest to YouTube in a few days (such as video length and deadlines), but the format of the contest is going to be very open. You can do a video essay, an inspirational montage, an AMV (Anime Music Video), or anything else you can think of that would answer both of the questions above.

The winner will receive the first ever Real Anime Training T-Shirt and have their winning video posted to the main blog. Really looking forward to see what you guys can do and if we continue to gain more readers, we'll have more contests with cooler prizes!

(I'll also be revealing details about the shirt as the contest goes along to get you guys motivated!)

Good luck, everyone!
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