Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Daily Training- 4/3/2012

Ran around with Isaiah at the park for a little while. Around 5pm, a guy I met yesterday came over and we got to spar, which was a lot of fun!

Stand-up Sparring- Approx 45 Minutes

Hopefully, I'll get to spar with him a lot more, because he's got a bit of an unconventional style and he's got at least 30lbs on me (but he's still pretty fast). We didn't really do rounds or anything. The sparring was mostly light to medium, but had it's harder moments. I'm really looking forward to seeing if we can get a few more people together to spar on a regular basis. I'll spar with anyone! :D

Caught an elbow to the foot, so I've got some swelling there (it's not too bad) and I had a little bit of bloody nose at the end. It was good to hit and get hit again. I've had a general lack of sparring partners due to my work schedule, because I have been unable to get to an MMA gym or a dojo on a regular basis. However, that will hopefully be changing soon.
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