Sunday, December 5, 2010

Video Update and Other Thoughts

So... I finished editing the new video for the YouTube account and it... Will. Not. Render.

Not to mention the fact that Sony Vegas was freezing on me every two minutes (more like every time I'd move a clip, towards the end of the editing process)... needless to say, I'm stuck in an odd place. I'm going to attempt to convert the files to a different format and then edit the video one more time. That is, if I can keep my brain from exploding in a fit of irritation. 

Speaking of irritations, Nam Phan got robbed!! Anyone who had the pleasure of watching Nam Phan's glorious use of punching and parrying against Leonard Garcia on the Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale also had the displeasure of watching Phan LOSE a split decision. Even Garcia admitted that it was strange! Serious props to Joe Rogan for going on a little rant during the event about the quality of judges provided to the UFC by a certain athletic commission. And so ends my own short rant.

Hopefully, I can get the video done for you guys within the next few days. Until then, good luck and train hard!
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