Sunday, December 12, 2010

Daily Training Update- 12/12/2010

Today I got to spar/grapple with a good friend of mine, James, the author of Martial Arts and Rainbow Magic. The grappling session was a great learning experience, as I've not had a lot of practice recently with my jiu-jitsu, just because of a general lack of training partners. By learning experience, I mostly mean that James managed to pretty much tap me out at will. It was humbling and I will attempt to seek out as many training partners as I can in order to correct my weaknesses.

Our sparring session was a light one, but was still very nice. In general, it was good to shake off the rust as far as distance and timing were concerned.

James also showed me several very nice Taiji (Tai Chi) techniques and talked a lot about kung fu in general. There is so much to learn out there in regards to the martial arts and I urge anyone who takes a martial art to cross train in another one, just so you can experience the subtle differences and see what you can take from one and apply to your own style of combat.

Probably going to be a little sore tomorrow, but it was a good day. Hopefully I can find some good sparring partners, soon.
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