Sunday, June 27, 2010

Teppu Workout Demonstrations

BREAKFALLS (Pay attention to the Backward Breakfall)




GORILLA HOP: (It's at the bottom of the page. Notice the placement of the fists and the short forward hop.)

CRAWL: (Extend forearms out in front, and drag body up to them.)

KNEE LOCK WALK: (Have partner hook both ankles behind your knees. Walk backwards, while partner shifts hips to follow. It's balance training for you and hip movement training for your partner.)


FORWARD TUMBLE TO JUMP: (Jump up at the end)

TURNING: (Slight bounce with your calves, turn in mid air, and land facing opposite direction.)

LOW SWEEP: (Posting with one hand, sweep the same side leg toward the outside of your body. Remember to keep the opposite foot on the floor as you swing your leg and twist your hips to the side your hand is posted on. Use the picture as a reference.)

JUMPING ANKLE CROSS: (Jumping to Guard)

JUMPING ANKLE CROSS TO TAKEDOWN (You'll let your shoulders hit the mat and grab and pull at the ankles, while pushing back and down with your feet on your opponent's hips. You'll eventually want to spring up and forward with them to get mount.)



SPRAWL PRACTICE: (Helps one partner learn to defend the takedown and allows the other to work on getting the takedown.)

There's a lot of videos and things to look at here. Make sure you understand the drills before you attempt any of them. Ideally, you should receive some training at a BJJ gym, a Judo dojo, or Sub. Grappling class.

That's all for now. Until next time, good luck and train hard!!
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