Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sendou's Basic Training

A few of you requested that I do a workout based on Takeshi Sendou. It was stated that when Ippo and Sendou met the first time that Ippo had a very strong lower body and amazing balance to be able to deliver very powerful punches, Sendou was able to hit just as hard as Ippo using an even stronger upper body.  Sendou is a fighter who relies fully on his offensive capabilities to the point of outright neglect of his defense. He makes up for this with ridiculous reflexes and instinct, built from fighting in the streets for the majority of his life. This particular workout will focus on Sendou pre-Ippo.

Sendou's Basic Training


  1. MAX Push-ups
  2. MAX Sit-ups
  3. Overhead Press- 8 Reps
  4. Biceps Curls- 8 Reps
3 Rounds, then

  • Run 3 Miles

4-6 Hours Later
  1. 3 Minutes Shadowboxing
  2. 3 Minutes Mitt Work
  3. 3 Minutes Heavy Bag
  4. Practice the Smash- 15 Reps Each Side
2 Rounds, then
  • Sparring- 3 x 3 Minute Rounds


  • This workout focuses a little more on strength-building than some of the other basic Ippo workouts, but that's just more Sendou's style. 
  • You can use a barbell, dumbbells, or kettlebells for your presses and curls, but whatever you do, you should not be able to complete more than 8 reps with whatever weight you pick. 
  • During your mitt work and bag work, it's not really necessary to practice holding your hands up, because Sendou's full-power style is just concerned with putting more and more strength into every punch, so try to focus on that. 
That's all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard! 

Sendou just hits things... Really freakin' hard.

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