Saturday, October 15, 2016

One-Punch Man Training Program- Week 42

Week 41 is here!

Day 288

  1. 100 Walkout Push-ups (From standing, hinge at the hips, placing your hands on the ground in front of your feet. Walk your hands out until you are in the push-up position. Perform push-up. Walk your hands back to your feet and reverse the hip hinge to come to standing.)
  2. 100 Straight-Leg Sit-ups
  3. 100 Squats w/Band Pull-Apart at the Top (Squat with arms out in front of you, an exercise band in between your hands. At the top of the movement, with straight arms, pull the band apart using your rear delts and middle back until your arms are out straight beside you, parallel to the floor. Return your arms to starting position and repeat.)
--Complete in as few sets as possible, then
  1. Jog 100 Meters
  2. Sprint 100 Meters
  3. Jog 100 Meters
  4. Backpeddle 100 Meters
  5. Jog 100 Meters
  6. Side Shuffle Left 100 Meters
  7. Jog 100 Meters
  8. Side Shuffle Right 100 Meters
  9. Jog 100 Meters
  10. Backpeddle 100 Meters
--10 Rounds

Day 289

  1. 5 x 12 Push-ups @ Last Week's Weight (1 Minute Rest Between Sets)
  2. 5 x 12 Sit-ups @ Last Week's Weight
  3. 5 x 12 Squats @ Last Week's Weight
  4. 40 Push-ups
  5. 40 Sit-ups
  6. 40 Squats
--Complete Final Sets of Calisthenics in as few sets as possible, then
  1. Run 100 Meters Easy
  2. Run 200 Meters Hard
  3. Run 800 Meters Easy
  4. Run 400 Meters Hard
  5. Run 400 Meters Easy
  6. Run 800 Meters Hard
  7. Run 200 Meters Easy
  8. Run 100 Meters Hard

Run 7000 Meters at an Easy Pace

Day 290

  1. 100 Wide Push-ups
  2. 100 Wide-Leg Sit-ups
  3. 100 Sumo Squats
  4. 10 km Running
--Complete in as few sets as possible

Day 291

  1. 5 km Running
  2. 100 Spider-man Push-ups (50 Each Side. Begin in the push-up position. As you lower yourself, turn your head to one side while simultaneously pulling your knee up along that side, above the ground until it touches your elbow as your reach the bottom of the push-up.)
  3. 100 Sprinter Sit-ups (50 Each Side)
  4. 100 Squats to Front Kick (50 Each Side)
  5. 5 km Running
--Complete in as few sets as possible

Day 292

  1. 10 Push-ups w/90#
  2. 10 Sit-ups w/90#
  3. 10 Squats w/90#
  4. 1000 Meter Run w/35# Vest
--10 Rounds

<<MONSTER EVENT- Monkey Demons have descended from the mountains to take revenge upon humanity for destroying the forests. Beat them back to where they came from... or just to death. That works, too.
  1. 10 Full Power Punches to Heavy Bag per side
  2. 10 Full Power Kicks to Heavy Bag per side
  3. 5 Minutes Shadowboxing
  4. 5 Minutes Heavy Bagwork
  5. 10 Full Power Punches to Heavy Bag per side
  6. 10 Full Power Kicks to Heavy Bag per side>>

Day 293

  1. 10 Manmakers w/20# DBs (Various ways to do Manmakers, but this is how we will do them. Press Dumbbells overhead. Bend over and place dumbbells out in front of you. With hands still on the weights, jump out to push-up position. Perform a push-up. Row weight on one side and then the other. Perform second push-up. Jump feet in, come to standing with dumbbells. Perform another Overhead Press to complete the rep. To start the next rep, do another Overhead Press and repeat the above steps.)
  2. 20 Sit-ups w/25# Plate Overhead Reach 
  3. 20 Overhead Squats w/45# Bar
--5 Rounds, then

10 km Running, throwing punches the entire time

Day 294

Same as Day 287 on Week 41.
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