Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Workouts Coming

Working on a lot of new workouts for you guys. I realize that a lot of the workouts I've been putting out there have been running-heavy or full of high reps. Believe me, that's not all we're going to be doing here. Don't get me wrong, endurance and high-rep exercises are great and all, but we're going to need to change it up with higher intensity and less volume, which there is in some of the workout later in some of the series.
So, in order to break the monotony, I'm trying to get those workouts finished up and posted. Most of them will probably be a little further ahead than we are in each of the series' we're following, but they need to be out there. Thanks a lot, and I really hope you are enjoying the workout and seeing some real results.

Thanks guys!
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