Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rock Lee Workout Add-On: Weighted Clothing

One more note about the Rock Lee workout. After you can complete the final level of the workout, you may want to increase the difficulty. In order to do so, you may add ankle weights during the jump rope, handwalk, and sprinting portions of the workout.

Start off with 2lb ankle weights. When you can finish the workout on three separate occasions, you can try 5lbs on each leg. Proceed in this manner (+2 and 1/2 pounds per leg) every three successes, until you are at 20 lbs per leg.

I just want to say: This WILL take a long, long time, but if you work hard, train diligently, and get adequate rest, a few years from now you may be at the super advanced level or even adding the ankle weights.

Good luck and train hard!
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