Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gene Starwind's Training

Gene Starwind runs a jack-of-all-trades business, taking any job he can get. In the story, he comes across a ship, taking him out into space and forcing him to butt heads with a variety of opponents and pushing him into a lot of dangerous situations. This workout is designed to mimic the types of activities that Gene would have to do (and is seen doing) during the course of the series.

Gene Starwind's Training

  1. Headbutt- 10+ Strikes to Heavy Bag
  2. Dodging (Single)- 3 Hits  
  3. Sprinting- 100 Meters
  4. Dodging (Multiple)- 3 Hits
  5. Hurdles- 100 Meters 
  6. Head Movement Practice (Weaving)- 1 Minute
  7. Heavy Bagwork- 1 Minute
  8. 24-32" Box Jumps- 20 Jumps
  9. 10 Forward Rolls (each side) 
--5 Rounds, then
  • Long-Range Accuracy Training- Using a ball, shuriken, knife, or even a gun (don't use any real weapons unless you have been specifically instructed in their use. In cases where you are using real weaponry, it is best that you go to a location specifically designed for their use, like a shooting range. No definite time for practice, but 30-60 minutes is a good length if you aren't sure what to do. 

  • With the headbutts, you should start very light and only hit with the very top of your forehead or the top of your head, where it is the hardest. What "10+" means is that you will start with 10 the first time you do the workout and then add one more strike every time you do the workout after that. You'll be doing a total of 50 strikes the first time you do the workout, anyway. 
  • Single Dodging just means you have one thing being thrown at you. Since it's only one thing, a larger projectile, such as a dodgeball, soccerball, or something of the sort would be a good choice. You will continue dodging until you are hit three times. After that, move on to the next part of the workout. You can have one person just throwing it at you, in which case your back should be against a wall or you can be in the middle of a few people as they toss it at you. 
  • Try to go all out on the sprint. 
  • Multiple Dodging is dodging several projectiles. The best option here is probably tennis balls because you are not likely to hurt yourself. Once again, you can have one person throwing them at you with your back against a wall or a group surrounding you. 
  • Hurdling requires a lot of technique and, well, hurdles. If you have neither, then you may just want to settle on trying to clear a few obstacles along a running path. Jumping over a small fence or climbing up a wall would be sufficient. If you actually have access to hurdles and the have the skill to hurdle, you can do that, too. 
  • With the head movement drill, you'll need someone to throw punches at your head (slowly at first), while you dodge them. They can be standing in front of you or mounted on top of you. Either way, start slow and progress slowly. You don't really want to get hit in the face. Honestly, it's best if you have mats and both of you wear gear as well: gloves, mouthpiece, and headgear.
  • You can throw whatever strikes you want for the bagwork. 
  • On the box jumps, you need to make sure that once you jump on the box, you stand all the way up before you jump or step back down.
  • The forward rolls will be from one shoulder down to the opposite hip, making your body into as much of a circle as you can to turn the downward force of gravity into forward motion. If you are not used to rolling, start on mats or sand and then you can eventually move to harder surfaces once you have the technique down. 
Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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