Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dragonball Training Manual, Part I

Hope you enjoy this! I wrote this quite a while ago and decided to put up the meat of the manual. It's the first "Anime Training" thing that I wrote and I've come quite a ways since then.

 Please note, this is not the entirety of the manual and for space sake, some details have been withheld.

Dragonball Training Manual, Part 1-

Training with Roshi:

Let’s start from the beginning of his formal training with Master Roshi. Although old, Roshi was no slouch. He was one of the toughest fighters in the world during his day. His philosophy was to make your body like iron, so that your enemy could not defeat you. To do this, Roshi implemented some very important concepts into his training plan for Goku and Krillin. If you remember, the boys had to deliver milk, work on a construction site, and plow fields as part of their training. Roshi also had the boys wear weights on their backs in the form of turtle shells… I doubt you’ll find any turtle shells to wear (poor, poor turtles), but we’ll cover weighted clothing later.
Remember, some of the best exercise that exists is just plain and simple manual labor. A day out on a construction site is hard work and it will condition the body for repetitive motions and build stamina. Chopping wood builds strength of the shoulders and will make your punches like lightning. Since that is where Roshi started that’s where we’re going to start.


Delivering Milk

Ok, so maybe you can’t just go around and deliver milk, but you can definitely apply the principles of the training to something else. For instance, carrying firewood could substitute for the milk containers. But, remember, you have to MOVE! We’re looking to build speed, strength, and stamina at the same time in nearly all of the exercises in this course. Carry a box, carry firewood, whatever… it doesn’t necessarily have to be heavy. What we’re trying to find is that repetitive nature in the exercise. Carrying just four or five pieces of firewood at a good pace for only about a hundred or so yards would leave a lot of people huffing and puffing. Start out slow, but, eventually, run with whatever it is you are carrying. You don’t need to increase the weight you are carrying until you can flat-out sprint with your wood or box or whatever. Keep it about a hundred yards, so you can build your speed.

Working Construction

This involves everything from hammering to carrying lumber to sawing (that can be some hard work). So, let’s work through each of these things and see what we can get out of them.

Hammering- This will build your accuracy, your shoulder endurance, and an incredible snap in your fore-fist strikes.
Carrying lumber- Very good for back and leg strength. Once again, this is an endurance builder. Eventually you’ll be able to snatch up two two-by-tens and run ‘em to wherever they need to be with ease.
Sawing- Put your whole body into it! Don’t just saw with your arms. If you put your whole torso and your arms into it, you’ll be able to saw longer, and you’ll simultaneously strengthen your arms, shoulders, chest, and midsection.
Slinging Plywood- This is a rough one. When you have to lift 80lb sheets of plywood up onto a roof for about two hours, you’ll just want to lay down and cry. I know, I’ve been there.
Wheelbarrow- This is straight out of the anime. Goku and Krillin ran with their wheelbarrows, pushing themselves to the limit. For a little something extra, try going uphill. It's murder.
Farmer’s walk- Eventually, you’re going to have to carry a couple of paint buckets or five gallon buckets filled with nails or something else. So, get one in each hand and just start walking. It’s great exercise for the grip, the shoulders, the back and the legs.


If you are serious about getting in shape, losing weight, or training for any type of competitive sport, sprints are a must. Roshi had Goku and Krillin sprint on the sand, but not everyone has access to sand. So, if you can find a big open space or a hill, sprint the distance and walk back. Sprint the distance, walk back. If you can’t sprint it at first, jog. When you can jog it pretty easily, run it. Finally, when you can run it, sprint it! You only need to do it for about 15 minutes at a time.

That's all for now guys! The next update will be soon!

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