Monday, March 21, 2016

One-Punch Man Training Program- Week 12

Week 11 is here!

With the advent of week 12, we've hit almost three months of solid work. We're going to start building toward some more difficult movements in order to develop your strength even more.

Day 78

  1. 10 Walk-Out Push-ups (Bend down, walk hands out to push-up position, perform movement, walk hands back in, stand up. Repeat.)
  2. 10 Sit-ups
  3. 10 Broad Jump Squats (Squat, jump as far forward as possible as you come out of the squat, land, stand-up. Repeat.)
--10 Rounds Calisthenics, then

10 km Running as fast as possible 

Day 79

  1. 10 One-Arm Push-up Progressions* (See Notes)
  2. 10 Decline Sit-ups
  3. 10 Pistols (One-Legged Squat) to a Box (Half Squat)/Side
--10 Rounds Calisthenics, then

10 km Running at Easy Pace

Day 80

  1. 100 Wide Push-ups
  2. 100 Sit-ups
  3. 100 Sumo Squats
  4. 10 km Running
--Complete in as few sets as possible

<<HERO EVENT- Find a lost bag, filled with dangerous items from a government facility by crawling, swimming, and moving objects.
  1. 100 Meter Army Crawl
  2. 100 Meter Swim (if no pool, bear crawl instead)
  3. 10 Deadlifts @ 185#
--20 Minute AMRAP>>

Day 81

  1. 100 Dive Bomber Push-ups (Like Hindu Push-up, but you trace the same path back that you went down.)
  2. 100 Sit-ups w/Twist
  3. 100 Overhead Squats w/Dowel
  4. 10 km Running
--Complete in as few sets as possible

Day 82

  1. 5 Push-ups w/30#
  2. 5 Sit-ups w/30#
  3. 5 Sit-ups w/30#
--20 Rounds of Calisthenics, then
  1. 100 Meter Jog
  2. 100 Meter Sprint
  3. 800 Meter Run
  4. Rest 1 Minute
--10 Rounds 

Day 83

  1. 10 Diamond Push-ups w/15#
  2. 10 Sit-ups w/15#
  3. 10 Close Stance Squats w/15#
  4. 1 km Running as fast as possible
  5. Rest 2 Minutes
--10 Rounds

Day 84

Same as Day 7 on Week 1


  • For One-Arm Push-up Progressions you will start by doing a normal push-up, followed by extending one arm out to the side about half way, still in contact with the ground. The pressing arm will still be in the same position. Perform another push-up. Then extend the non-pressing arm out until it is straight out to your side with only your fingertips in contact with the ground. Perform another push-up. Go back to the beginning. Do a normal push-up and then work your way out on the other side. This is 6 total push-ups, but only 1 rep of a one-arm push-up progression. At then end of a day using one-arm push-up progressions, you will have done 600 push-ups.  You will be very, very sore the next day, but you will have put in work to help you get to the point of doing a one-arm push-up with your feet together. NOTE-- If you have to stop before you complete 100 one-arm push-up progressions, that's fine. Just get as far as you can, but do at least 100 total reps. 
  • On the pistols, make sure you do both sides. To help balance yourself, put your arms out in front of you. At the beginning, we will only be doing half pistols, to get you used to moving in that position. Remember to squeeze your butt!!
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