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Hajime no Ippo- Building Up the Dempsey Roll

This workout is based on the training Ippo did in order to strengthen the Dempsey Roll before his third and fourth title defenses. He did a lot of training on his own to increase the speed, but Coach Kamogawa pointed out that he neglected the technique's devastating power, so he revamped the fledgling Champion's training to better suit the perfection of the Dempsey Roll.

Building Up the Dempsey Roll


3 Mile Run, 7 Sprints Throughout (Shadowbox 15 seconds at the end of each sprint)Weaving Practice- 5 x 1 Minute RoundsShadowboxing- 3 x 3 Minute Rounds4-6 Hours Later 100 Push-ups100 Sit-ups3 Minutes Neck Bridging3 Minutes Headstand WorkZig-Zag Hill Sprints- 5 x 100 YardsCatching Tennis Balls- 300 BallsTwist and Reach- 300 TouchesOne Legged Toe Squats- 30 Reps Each SideShadowboxing- 10 x 3 Minute RoundsHeavy Bagwork- 3 MinutesSparring- 3 Minutes3 Mile Run, as fast as possible (Focus on pushing with your big toe)
Notes: Weaving practice is essentially just the figure-8 movement …

Street Fighter- Fei Long Add-on #1

This add-on is meant to be done with one of the three main Fei Long workouts. It is not necessary that you use an one of these add-ons, but it just to throw in some variety and to make things more challenging when you need them to be. So, here's the first one!

Street Fighter- Fei Long Add-on #1

500 PunchesSit-ups- 6 SetsSide Bend- 6 SetsLeg Raises- 6 SetsFlag- 2 SetsTwist- 6 SetsBack Bend- 2 SetsSplits Stretch- 2 MinutesFront Kick Stretch- 1 Minute each sideSide Kick Stretch- 1 Minute each sideSplits Stretch- 1 Minute Notes: For the punches, they can be done in the air, a heavy bag, into sand, or whatever your level of conditioning will allow. The can also be any type of punch that you like, but stick with one type for each workout. And it's 500 reps total, not on each side.Sit-ups can be done on the ground, on a decline bench, or hanging depending on your fitness or your current level of fatigue/soreness. You could also hold a weight if you like. If you are going to do less reps…

One Piece: Straw Hat Luffy's Training

Monkey D. Luffy is a fun, good-spirited guy and captain of a ragtag team of pirates. He has the powers of the Gum-Gum Fruit, allowing him to stretch his body to super-extremes and, at times, dish out a massive amount of power. Since he's a brawler, that works out well for him. 
For Luffy's training, then, I tried to work on explosiveness, while drawing in a little of the springiness of Luffy's rubber-like body. Hopefully, I do it justice, but we'll see.
One Piece: Straw Hat Luffy's Training 10 Muscle-ups*10 Full Power Push-ups10 High Jump Squats10 Long Jump Squats100 Meter Sprint20 Full Power Punches to Heavy Bag20 Full Power Kicks to Heavy Bag1 Minute All-Out Heavy BagAs Many Rounds As Possible
Notes: If you can't do Muscle-ups, do 10 Pull-ups and 10 Dips instead.A Full-Power Push-up is just a normal push-up, but you push yourself off the ground as high as you can with every rep.High Jump Squats just means that you jump as high as you can on every rep.Long Jump Squ…

Street Fighter- Fei Long's Cardiovascular Training

This workout is based on some of the cardiovascular training done by Bruce Lee during his life. You'll notice that some of it is martial arts related, but that's for obvious reasons. This is the last of the "base" workouts for Fei Long and the next couple will be "add-on" workouts that should be combined with the other three (if your fitness is up to it).

Fei Long's Cardiovascular Training

1. Roadwork- Jog (1 Minute)-- Sprint! (Keep it up!)-- Walk (1 Minute)--- As many sets as you can!

2. Fighter Complex

Shadowboxing- 3 Minutes (1 Minute Complete Rest); loosen up, work on good formShadowboxing- 2 Minutes (1 Minute Complete Rest); work harder (speed and more speed)Shadowboxing- 2 Minutes (1 Minute Complete Rest); push yourself (the fastest, but keep good form)Rope Jumping- 5 Minutes; try all footworkHeavy Bagwork- 3 Minutes (1 Minute Rest); all kicks (side, hook, spin, straight, round)Heavy Bagwork- 3 Minutes (1 Minute Rest); all punches (hooks, straights,…

Retsu Kaioh's Training- Part 8

Yet more 72 Arts of Shaolin madness!

#20: Sluice Shutter Weighing 1000 JINs- This is a fairly simple, full-body exercise. The first stage does not require any equipment at all. To perform the first stage, you begin in a horse stance (like you didn't see that coming), both hands lifted high above your head and your palms facing upward like you are holding something above your head (or starting an awkward, squatting Genki Dama). When you can stay in this stance for half an hour with relative ease, it is time to move to the second stage.

The second stage of this exercise, you will maintain the same stance, but this time you will be holding a 22-33lb (10-15kg) weight above your head. The author references a stone drum, but I imagine anything with sufficient width to be held with both hands at the same time will be effective. In the same fashion as before, when you are able to hold the position for half and hour with relative ease, you begin to add weight in increments until you reach 2…

Street Fighter- Fei Long's Circuit Training

The next workout in the Fei Long series is based on a circuit training routine used by Bruce Lee during his life. This particular routine is supposed to simultaneously tax your muscles and cardiovascular system, much in the same way that real-world activities may do. There are four versions, but I collapsed them into two.
Fei Long's Circuit Training
Version A: Rope Jumping- 1 MinuteForward Bend and Stretch- 1 MinuteHindu Push-ups- 1 MinuteJumping Jacks- 1 MinuteHindu Squats- 1 MinuteHigh Kick Leg Swing - 1 Minute (each side)Waist Twisting- 1 MinuteBarbell Wrist Curls- 1 MinuteRoman Chair Sit-ups- 1 MinuteKnee Drawing- 1 MinuteDumbbell Side Bends- 1 MinuteBarbell Reverse Wrist Curls- 1 MinuteVersion B: Butterfly Groin Stretch- 1 MinuteSide Leg Raise- 1 MinuteJumping Squat- 1 MinuteShoulder Circles- 1 MinuteAlternating Splits- 1 MinuteLeg Stretch- 2 MinutesLeg Raise- 1 MinuteBarbell Reverse Curl- 1 MinuteSit-up Twist- 1 MinuteLeverage Bar Twist- 1 MinuteAlternate Leg Raise- 1 MinuteWris…