Sunday, April 24, 2011

Street Fighter- Fei Long Add-on #1

This add-on is meant to be done with one of the three main Fei Long workouts. It is not necessary that you use an one of these add-ons, but it just to throw in some variety and to make things more challenging when you need them to be. So, here's the first one!

Street Fighter- Fei Long Add-on #1

  1. 500 Punches
  2. Sit-ups- 6 Sets
  3. Side Bend- 6 Sets
  4. Leg Raises- 6 Sets
  5. Flag- 2 Sets
  6. Twist- 6 Sets
  7. Back Bend- 2 Sets
  8. Splits Stretch- 2 Minutes
  9. Front Kick Stretch- 1 Minute each side
  10. Side Kick Stretch- 1 Minute each side
  11. Splits Stretch- 1 Minute
  • For the punches, they can be done in the air, a heavy bag, into sand, or whatever your level of conditioning will allow. The can also be any type of punch that you like, but stick with one type for each workout. And it's 500 reps total, not on each side.
  • Sit-ups can be done on the ground, on a decline bench, or hanging depending on your fitness or your current level of fatigue/soreness. You could also hold a weight if you like. If you are going to do less reps, you should generally use weight or a decline bench to increase the difficulty. Otherwise, you can stick with just bodyweight.
  • The side bends can be done with weight or without. If you are going to do them with weight, you can either hold a dumbbell in one hand for a number of reps and then switch, or you can have a barbell (just the bar) across your back and alternate left and right sides.
  • Bruce Lee's Flag
  • Twists can be done with just your arms swinging or a stick across your shoulders. If you are going to use weight, you can hold a weight in your hands in front of your body, remembering to just twist at the waist and not swing your arms around too much. 
  • For back bends, you put your hands on your hips, just above your glutes and bend back as far as you can without falling over.
  • You'll notice that there are no set reps or weights for any of these. This is primarily so that you can modify it to fit your needs for that particular day.

That's all for today. Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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