Thursday, April 14, 2011

Street Fighter- Fei Long's Cardiovascular Training

This workout is based on some of the cardiovascular training done by Bruce Lee during his life. You'll notice that some of it is martial arts related, but that's for obvious reasons. This is the last of the "base" workouts for Fei Long and the next couple will be "add-on" workouts that should be combined with the other three (if your fitness is up to it).

Fei Long's Cardiovascular Training

1. Roadwork- Jog (1 Minute)-- Sprint! (Keep it up!)-- Walk (1 Minute)--- As many sets as you can!

2. Fighter Complex

  1. Shadowboxing- 3 Minutes (1 Minute Complete Rest); loosen up, work on good form
  2. Shadowboxing- 2 Minutes (1 Minute Complete Rest); work harder (speed and more speed)
  3. Shadowboxing- 2 Minutes (1 Minute Complete Rest); push yourself (the fastest, but keep good form)
  4. Rope Jumping- 5 Minutes; try all footwork
  5. Heavy Bagwork- 3 Minutes (1 Minute Rest); all kicks (side, hook, spin, straight, round)
  6. Heavy Bagwork- 3 Minutes (1 Minute Rest); all punches (hooks, straights, jabs, backfist)
  7. Light bag- 3 Minutes (1 Minute Rest)
  8. Shadowboxing- 3 Minutes (1 Minute Rest); loosen up
3. Roadwork- Run 2 Miles


  • A jog is not quite a full run, it's a relatively easy pace.
  • When it says "Keep it up!" I just mean to sprint until you can't and then use the walking period to recover for the next jogging portion. 
  • The Light Bag is probably a speed bag or a double-end bag, so use either if you have them. If not, you can just do more Heavy Bag.
  • The last run should be done as fast a pace as possible. Try to keep the same pace the entire distance, though. 

That's all for today guys. I hope you enjoy the Bruce Lee-style workouts. Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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