Monday, March 22, 2010

Shinogi Kureha's Speed Workout

Apart from world class strength, Shinogi Kureha also possesses the speed of a world-class sprinter, allowing him to run circles around his opponents. One moment he's on the other side of the ring, the next, he's punching you in the face. Developing this sort of speed requires diligent and rigorous training. So, let's get started! Remember to stretch after your warm-up.

Shinogi Kureha's Speed Workout

  1. 5 Minute Light Jog
  2. 4 x 40 Meter Sprint
  3. 3 x 50 Meter Sprint
  4. 2 x 100 Meter Sprint
  5. 200 Meter Sprint
  6. 400 Meter Sprint
  7. 40 Meter Carioca Sprint (both sides)
  8. 40 Meter Backward Sprint
  9. 5 Minute Light Jog


  • It will be difficult to complete this workout if you are not in some measure of shape, so start at the top and do as much as you can and then STOP. You don't want to pull something or drop dead because you sprinted straight into cardiac arrest.
  • After each set of sprints, walk back the distance you sprinted. When you get back to the start, turn around, take a couple of slow, deep breaths and then GO!
  • In between different types of sprints, take a short rest to catch your breath and ready yourself for the next go round. So, after the 40 meter sprints are done, let your breathing return to almost normal and then do the 50s and so on.
  • Push yourself on every set. It's called sprinting for a reason. You need to be going all-out on every sprint.
  • Carioca (I've heard it called other things) is an alternating cross-over step. It will be difficult to go all-out on this one, but it's good to have another form of movement trained besides forward and backward.
  • You shouldn't need to do any more than this since you'll be going all-out on pretty much everything but the jogging. However, if you are pushing yourself on every thing and you still feel like you're overflowing with energy like some kind of monster-- try doing some sets of 40 yard bear crawls to tire you out.

That's all for today. Until next time, good luck and train hard!

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