Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rock Lee's "Springtime of Youth" Workout

This workout is an accumulation of several of the things seen in Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals.

Rock Lee's "Springtime of Youth" Workout

  1. Forward/Backward Roll Practice- 10 Minutes
  2. MAX Push-ups
  3. Heavy Sandbag/Stone/Log Lifting- 10 Minutes
  4. Sandbag/Ankle Weight Deadlifts to Side Lateral Raises- 5 Minutes
  5. Gymnastic Bridge Walking- 5 Minutes
  6. Slow Practice of techniques/forms/shadowboxing with wrist and ankle weights- 30 Minutes
  7. Partner Carry- 5 Minutes
  8. Dodging Practice- 10 Minutes
  9. Wooden Dummy Practice- 10 Minutes
  10. Sparring- 10 Minutes
  11. Hill Sprints- 15 Minutes
  • When practicing your forward and backward rolls, try to roll from one shoulder to the opposite hip. You shouldn't roll directly along your spine. It's best to start practicing from one knee on the ground and then gradually move to standing. Eventually, when you get good enough, you can run and even jump while doing your rolls. It's also best to start on mats, because it takes a lot of practice to roll on harder surfaces. 
  • Whatever you have for the lifts, be it a log, a sandbag, a bar, or a large stone, it should be relatively heavy. Pick it up as best you can, maintaining proper spinal alignment and get the weight as high as possible. The lighter the weight, the higher you should be able to lift it. I would recommend using a variety of objects of varied weights in order to train yourself for a lot of different situation. 
  • Using whatever ankle weights you have, place them on the floor in front of you, bend down, and pick them up. When you bend down, keep your butt down, your head up, and your back straight, just like a normal deadlift. Your arms will stay straight down until you completely stand up. At this point, raise your arms out to the side until, with your palms down, until your hands are level with the top of your head. Reverse the movement until the weights are back on the floor. Repeat this until the time is up. 
  • Walking in a gymnastic bridge is very difficult, so take frequent breaks. You can walk in any direction you like, but don't try to go too fast, at least not at first. 
  • Practicing your techniques slowly while wearing the weights on your wrists and ankles will protect your joints and will build strength in those techniques. Make sure you really focus on the form of each of the movements, whatever style you practice. 
  • The partner carry can be over your shoulders, a piggy-back ride, a bear hug in front, sitting on your shoulders, or held in your arms. Your choice. Pick up your partner and move. Rest when needed. 
  • For dodging practice, you can have people throw tennis balls or dodgeballs at you. Try to maintain your fighting postures as much as you can, so that you could potentially counterstrike whenever possible. 
  • If you don't have a wooden dummy (which is likely, because most people don't), you can use a heavy bag or a wooden post or even a tree. You can hit the hard parts of a post or tree with your forearms, the bottoms of your feet, and your palms; however, if you are going to hit with your fists at all, I'd recommend wrapping those places in some sort of padding, at least to begin with. Hand conditioning is a long and arduous process. 
  • During sparring, you should wear gear. Gloves, mouthpiece, cup, headgear, shin guards: This is training-- don't hurt yourself.
  • For the hill sprints, the steeper the hill the better. Sprint to the top and then walk back down. When you get to the bottom of the hill, take a few deep breaths and repeat. If you need to stop during this section, because you aren't in shape yet, that's fine, but do your best to push on. 
  • If you need to rest in between any of these exercises, please do. 
Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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