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Thor's Basic Training (Chiaki Yuma)

Chiaki Yuma, or Thor, is the Seventh Fist of Ragnarok and a user of Sumo. He's massive, powerful, and fights "for all the fat men of the world."

"This body is the perfect blend of muscle, fat, and sex appeal!"
Sumo wrestlers go through some intense training. They live in "stables" with only other sumo practitioners, waking at 4 or 5 AM to train for several hours. Then, they eat a huge meal at around 11 AM or noon and then take a two hour nap before waking up to eat again and then going back to sleep. It's safe to say that the life of a sumo is 100% about the art. The training that these men undergo is all about building the raw strength, balance, and flexibility (yes, flexibility) to push another equally large man outside a ring.

Thor's Basic Training
Practice (You can find most of the exercises listed below here in PDF format.)
  1. Kishizume no Kata (Concentration Exercises)
  2. Chirichouzu no Kata (Clapping and Rubbing the Palms)
  3. Shiko no Kata (Stamping)
  4. Sliding Practice
  5. Shinkyaku no Kata (Leg Stretching)
  6. Matawari (Extreme Leg Stretching)
  7. Shikiri no Kata (Preparing to Wrestle)
  8. Seme no Kata (Attacking Exercises)
  9. Fusegi no Kata (Defensive Exercises)
  10. Yotsu Mi no Kata (Belt-Grabbing Exercises)
  11. Sori no Kata (Bending Backwards)
  12. Kinsei no Kata (Balance Exercises)
  13. Douyo Iri no Kata (Entering the Ring)
  14. Teppo (Stepping and Hitting Exercise)- Wooden Post
  15. Teppo- 75#+ Heavy Bag
  16. Butsukari-geiko (Hitting Practice)
  17. Practice Matches
Start at 5 Minutes for each exercise. After you comfortable with this volume of training, increase the time for each exercise to 10 Minutes. When you are comfortable with the volume of training, which may take a while, increase it to 15 Minutes per exercise.

  • Reference the link at the top of the workout for anything not listed here in the notes. The PDFs will have descriptions of the exercises as well as some basic illustrations.
  • This is a pretty long workout, even at the beginning level, so go easy if you aren't in shape.
  • Check the above link for Shiko, but here is a video.
  • Sliding is a form of footwork useful in Sumo matches. Here is a video of it.
  • Teppo is stepping with the same hand and same leg for hitting against a wooden post or a heavy bag. The post is the traditional way, but the heavy bag gives a different feel and allows you to practice against a moving target and work on your timing. Here's a video of an American doing Teppo.
  • Here is a video of some training and practice matches.
  • Butsukari-geiko is pretty much slamming your body into the body of your training partner. You'll get a little bit of a running start (most likely using sliding footwork to move) and hit your chest/stomach area together. Be careful not to bash your heads together.
  • Be careful with hitting your head together on the practice matches as well. You'll need a ring and you win by either pushing your opponent out of the ring or putting them on the ground.

That's all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!

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