Real Anime Training is accepting sponsorship from various sources. You may want to promote your business or a product to thousands of potential new customers every month or you show off your new website or you may want to do something crazy with your sponsorship. You can send me an email with your sponsorship idea. Whatever the case, your web address, message, or ad will be shown in full view for everyone to see. And if you sponsor Real Anime Training once, you'll be listed on our "Sponsors" page forever. If you would like to become a Sponsor of Real Anime Training, you have several options:


  • $5, you can sponsor an upcoming post!
  • $20, you can sponsor one of our top ranking posts for a month!
  • $25, you can sponsor an upcoming video production!
  • $50, you can sponsor all of our top ranking posts for a month!
  • $100, you can be our Sponsor of the Month and be listed at the top of the blog!
  • A custom sponsorship, send me an email and we'll work something out!
Any donation amount is welcome and you will be publicly listed on Real Anime Training's "Sponsors" page, under "Donations", but those who donate higher amounts will also be thanked in videos and posts. If you want to sponsor Real Anime Training or just make a donation, use the "Donate" button on the right side on the blog. Thank you very much!



  1. Robert Brown (Thanks so much!!)
  2. Jared Worthen (Training Program)
  3. Daniel Kruglinski (Training Program)
  4. Jeremy Yedesko (GoFundMe--Thank you!!!)
  5. Anonymous GoFundMe Donors (You guys rock!)
  6. Elizabeth Anne (GoFundMe-- Thanks!!)
  7. Mike Noles (GoFundMe-- Awesome! Thank you!)
  8. Victor Cage (GoFundMe--Internet high five!)
  9. Arthur Espanta (Training Program)
  10. N W (GoFundMe--Thank you!)
  11. Gabe Garboden (Thank you!)
  12. Jose Torres (GoFundMe-- AMAZING THANK YOU!)
  13. Elijah Luckett (Much appreciated!)
  14. Batuhan Akkaya (Major thanks!)
  15. Victor Correa (Patreon- THANK YOU SO MUCH!)
  16. Thomas Christensen (Patreon- Thanks!)
  17. Allen (Patreon- $5/month Patron! You're awesome!)
  18. Crystal Sloan 
  19. Mark LaBlanca (Patreon- $10/month Patron! First $10/month Patron! THANK YOU!)

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