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Hey, guys! It's Stephen. I've been writing Real Anime Training for almost 10 years and we've helped so many people get in shape and inspired a whole new generation of fit anime (and other) nerds. We used to offer Personalized Training Programs, based mostly on Real Anime Training workouts, but decided to eliminate that program and put out Character Training Programs like the One-Punch Man Training Program and the Goku Training Program. While we will continue to build programs like these, there is a gap that we are not filling as much as we could and that is the gap for those of you looking for Personal Training.

Real Anime Training also offers online Personal Training options for those of you who need a little more of a guiding hand with your current training or implementing a Real Anime Training Program, are just starting off, or need some help taking your training to the next level. The goal of Personal Training under me is for you to learn proper form, program implementation, and training theory, so that the longer you train with me, the more you will learn to do things on your own. And there may come a day where you no longer need Personal Training and that's okay... however, there's so much to learn, even if you're just concerned with bodybuilding or lifting heavy things or running long distance.  You have to know how to keep yourself injury free, progressing, and just in an overall good state of health.

Check out the packages below, click here or on the PayPal button on the side of the blog for your payment, send us an e-mail at, and answer the following questions so your program can be built to exactly the specifications you need.

  1. How long have you been training?
  2. What does your current training look like?
  3. What are your goals?
  4. What equipment do you have access to?

Basic Personal Training Packages-

  • E-mail responses to training questions.
  • Complete programming, including workouts, warm-ups, and mobility, based on your individual needs and goal.

4 Weeks for $80
8 Weeks for $120 ($60/Month)
16 Weeks for $200 ($50/Month)
24 Weeks for $260  ($40/Month)
52 Weeks for $360 ($30/Month)

Intermediate Personal Training Packages
  • E-mail reponses to training questions.
  • Complete programming, including workout, warm-ups, and mobility, based on your individual needs and goals.
  • Form critique! Send in videos of you doing exercises and they will be critiqued over e-mail with photos or videos. 
4 Weeks for $120
8 Weeks for $200 ($100/Month)
16 Weeks for $300 ($75/Month)
24 Weeks for $390 ($65/Month)
52 Weeks for $600 ($50/Month)

Advanced Personal Training Packages

If you need a lot of attention, this is for you. If you need contact with a trainer or even two, including e-mail, instant messaging, and video calls, then Advanced Personal Training is for you. This is one step below a trainer living in your house and helping you every step of the way, including meal planning. If you need a LOT of help or you are just ultra serious about becoming the best you can be, send me an e-mail right now!

*****For Advanced Rates, e-mail me for a quote!*****
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