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The Real Anime Training Warm-up

If you guys are looking for a warm-up to do before your workouts, I've got a pretty good one for you. If you've already got one that you do, then use that one. (Video version: Part 1/Part2)

15 Jumping Jacks15 Push-ups15 Sit-ups15 SquatsHigh Knees- 15 SecondsHeels to Butt- 15 SecondsJog- 15 SecondsJog Backwards- 15 SecondsSide Stepping (both ways)- 15 Seconds Each Way (30 Seconds Total)Ankle Rotations- 10 Times, each wayHanging Leg Rotations- 10 Times, each wayKnee Rotations- 10 Times, each wayHip Rotations- 10 Times, each wayWaist Twisting- 10 Times, each wayShoulder Rotations- 10 Times, each waySmall Arm Circles- 10 Times, each wayBig Arm Circles- 10 Times, each wayElbow Circles- 10 Times, each wayWrist Rotations- 10 Times, each wayNeck Circles- 10 Times, each wayShadowboxing- 1 Minute Notes: There is no rest in between any of these exercises.For Ankle Rotations, just stick your leg out and roll your ankle around in a circle.For Hanging Leg Rotations, lift your leg in front of …

Shinogi Kureha's Power Workout

Hey, guys. Sorry about all the down time. Just got finished moving.

Here's a workout for you from Grappler Baki. Hope you enjoy!
Shinogi Kureha is a physical and mental genius and, as such, has sculpted his body into the perfect physical specimen. He has the power of a heavyweight boxer, the speed of a sprinter, the flexibility of an amateur wrestler, and the endurance of a marathoner. To acquire all of these traits at once is to go beyond the modern athlete. Shinogi Kureha is, without a doubt, the Ultimate Athlete. There will be four workouts for Shinogi's training, each with extra stretching and flexibility training. The first workout is the Power workout.
Power is not merely being able to lift a heavy weight. "Power" is defined as work done over time, or Wx T = P. Essentially, it is the amount of force exerted on an object (be it your own body, someone else's or a weight) times the velocity, i.e.- the speed and direction of movement, that determines the pow…

2010 Resolutions

2009 is gone and 2010 has arrived and I, for one, couldn't be happier. 2009 held a lot of difficulty and craziness, so hopefully 2010 will be a lot better.
For all of you out there making resolutions this year, make it a resolution to be stronger, faster, and generally more fit than you were last year, so that when 2011 rolls around, you can look back and say, "Man, that was awesome."
We've got a few workouts for you and some exercises, too, if you're interested. :)
So, until next time, good luck and train hard!